At the upcoming Global Sources Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show in Hong Kong, China, Hotus Technology will once again release its latest high-tech technology products to the world. As a high-end intelligent electronic product manufacturer integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, Hotus Technology has been committed to providing consumers with the best quality and most convenient electronic product experience.

At the show, Hotus technology will show its new Emergency Jump Starter portable Air Pump (AP06). This product is a combination of innovative technology and practical electronic products, it can help you to charge your car battery anytime, anywhere, so that you no longer worry about the battery problem.

AP06 emergency car jump-start air compressor is a combination of emergency rescue car jump-start booster and portable air compressor, built-in 12000mAh high-rate cobalt lithium battery, with 12V-16V 1000A car jump-starter function. This innovative technology makes the AP06 a versatile electronic product that can meet the needs of consumers in different situations.

In addition to the AP06, Hotus Technology will also exhibit four portable air pump, namely AP02, AP04, AP07, AP08. These four products have built-in high-precision pressure sensors and come with five convenient pressure Settings of 0-150 psi in free mode, 2.5BAR in car tire mode, 2.4BAR in motorcycle tire mode, 45PSI in bicycle tire mode, and 8PSI in ball mode. These different modes make it possible for these portable air pump to be adapted to a variety of different inflating needs.

Whether it is AP06 or these four portable air pump, they fully demonstrate the strong strength of Hotus Technology in design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. These strengths enable Hotus technology to continue to innovate and launch more new high-quality electronic products to meet the different needs of consumers.

We look forward to meeting you at Global Sources in Hong Kong, China, where you will have the opportunity to experience these new products for yourself. At the same time, we will also bring more new products and the latest technology for you to taste and feel. We are looking forward to working with you to explore the future of science and technology and create a better life together!