The AP06 Jump-start Tire Inflator is a combination of two essential emergency rescue tools. It comes with a digital tire pressure detection and display function and an internally-built 12000mAh high-rate cobalt lithium battery. Additionally, it has a 12V-16V 1000A car jump-start function.

AP06 Jump-start Tire Inflator

Jump-start Tire Inflator Functional Description:

Emergency Jump-start: The AP06 can provide a peak current of 1000A with a voltage of 12V-16V for emergency jump-starts.

Fast Inflation: Equipped with a high-speed brushless motor that can produce a rotation speed of 25,000rPm. This feature provides exceptionally powerful and efficient inflation results, thereby significantly increasing the inflating speed and efficiency.

Preset Tire Pressure and Automatic Cut-off: When the desired tire pressure level is reached, the device automatically turns off the inflation function to avoid over-inflation and keep driving safe.

Digital Display Screen: The device has a high-definition display screen that shows real-time inflation pressure and battery level. The high-precision chip accurately detects tire pressure, and the LED digital display screen can display real-time and clear readings.

LED Light: The AP06 also comes equipped with a high-brightness LED flashlight, which simplifies locating the inflation nozzle, even for night-time use. There’s no need to search for an extra flashlight anymore.

Wide-ranging Application: The AP06 jump-start tire inflator can inflate a variety of products, including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and balls.

The AP06 jump-start tire inflator is an innovative and cutting-edge product that provides the convenience of being an all-in-one tool for emergency situations. It boasts advanced and extraordinary functions that provide efficiency and comfort, making it an indispensable tool for motorists, cyclists, and anyone looking for excellent, quick, and reliable tire inflation services.

The device’s remarkable performance features offer varying practical benefits to different groups. It can help emergency responders, including road and tow truck operators and roadside assistance services, perform their duties with more swiftness and with an easy-to-operate tool. The AP06 device is also convenient for motorists that often travel long distances and have to deal with punctured tires in remote locations.

The AP06 Jump-start Tire Inflator is, without a doubt, a versatile and highly useful device that serves as an excellent solution for all tire-related emergencies.