Car Tire Inflator Product Overview:

AP07 car tire inflator is a stylish and compact inflator that uses an efficient motor to quickly inflate tires, making it highly suitable for outdoor travel, camping, and home use. The small size of the inflator makes it easy to carry, and it can be connected to tires without the need for an external power source. The inflator also comes with an 18 cm high-pressure value hose that makes it easy to operate and significantly improves efficiency.

Car Tire Inflator

One of the key features of this inflator is its accurate tire pressure detection capability. It can precisely detect the tire pressure of high-pressure highway bicycles, motorcycle tires, and car tires of up to 120 PSI, ensuring that they operate normally during travel. The compact and mini structure of the AP07 car tire inflator makes it easy to carry anywhere, making it a highly convenient tool to have. It also has LED lighting functionality that comes with a 600 lumens high-brightness LED spotlight, making it easy to locate the air nozzle even in the dark.

Moreover, the AP07 car tire inflator has an intelligent dual digital display screen that can give you real-time and intuitive pressure data. A built-in, high-efficiency 5200mAh power lithium battery powers the inflator, and it can be operated wirelessly for convenient outdoor activities and emergency situations. With its new core technology and a 25mm large diameter air bottle, this inflator can quickly and accurately inflate your tires, making it highly efficient and allowing you to complete your inflating task faster.

Overall, the AP07 car tire inflator is a highly convenient and reliable inflator that offers accurate tire pressure detection and efficient and quick inflating capabilities. Its small size, easy to carry design, and wireless operation make it ideal for outdoor travel, camping, and emergency situations. It is an ideal tool to keep in your car, garage, or camping gear.

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