Portable Bicycle Inflator Pump——Best travel tools

​With the increasingly prominent problem of urban traffic congestion, bicycles have become the preferred tool for green travel. Riding is both environmentally friendly and healthy, it can not only relieve stress, but also improve physical fitness. However, in the process of riding, encountering tire leakage is a very disturbing thing. This is when a good inflator pump becomes especially important.

Portable Bicycle Inflator Pump

The AP07 Portable Bicycle Inflator Pump from Rich Century has become a handy helper for modern cyclists. Compact and lightweight, weighing only 588g, it can be carried around with you, allowing you to fix tire leaks anytime, anywhere. It’s effortless to use. 2 minutes to pump a 205\55R16 tire from 2.0BAR to 2.5BAR. 10 minutes to pump a 205 (55R16) tire from 0BAR to 2.5BAR.

The Portable Bicycle Inflator Pump is a huge step up from traditional pumps in every way. With intelligent tire pressure detection function, but also has a powerful LED lighting, support for cell phone wireless and fast charging, truly 30 minutes of charging for your whole day, so that your smartphone is not afraid of running out of power. Convenient emergency charging is the icing on the cake. Most importantly, its well-designed exterior shape and humanized operation interface make you more comfortable and convenient in the process of using it.

The advantage of portable bicycle inflatable pump is not only to solve the problem of tightness in emergencies, but also that it can provide a kind of peace of mind for cyclists to travel. Whether you are traveling far for sightseeing or for daily commuting, as long as you carry a portable bicycle inflator pump, you can always cope with all kinds of emergencies and always maintain a pleasant riding experience​

Therefore, if you are a cycling enthusiast, or often use a bicycle to travel, a portable bicycle inflator pump is definitely an indispensable companion for you. Let’s leave the worries behind, choose to relax and enjoy a carefree cycling trip! ​