The Car Tire Inflators AP07 vehicle tire Inflator is a stylish and compact inflator that utilizes a high-efficiency motor to quickly inflate, making it perfect for outdoor travel, camping, and home use. Its small size makes it convenient to carry around. This inflator can be connected to tires without the need for power supply, and comes with an 18cm high-pressure value hose for easy and simple operation, greatly improving its efficiency.

car tire inflators AP07


(1) Accurate tire pressure detection: This car tire inflator can precisely detect the tire pressure of your high pressure roadbike tire(120PSI) ,motorcycle’s tires vehicle’s tires, ensuring that they operate normally while driving.

(2) Portable and compact: The mini car tire inflators AP07 is small in size and lightweight, making it very convenient to carry with you wherever you go. It is also easy to store.

(3) LED lighting: This inflator has an LED lighting function, equipped with 600 lumens of high-brightness LED spotlight beads. Even in dark or dimly lit situations, you can easily find the air nozzle to ensure accurate inflation.

(4) Intelligent LED display: This inflator features an intelligent dual digital display screen that allows you to easily and intuitively obtain current tire pressure data.

(5) Built-in power battery: This inflator has a high-efficiency 5200mAh lithium power battery built-in, allowing for wireless inflation without being limited by cables. This makes it convenient for outdoor activities and emergency situations.

(6) Fast inflation: This inflator uses new core technology and a 25mm large-diameter cylinder for fast and accurate inflation, improving efficiency so that you can complete your inflation tasks more quickly.


Overall, the AP07 Car Tire Inflators is a smart and convenient device that provides a range of benefits for travelers and adventurers. From its compact and lightweight design to its high-quality materials and efficient inflation speed, this device is an excellent investment for anyone who wants a reliable and versatile tire inflator for their travels.