With the development of society and technological progress, the types of transport are becoming more and more diversified. Cars, motorbikes and bicycles have become indispensable travelling tools in our life. However, in the process of long-distance travel, encountering a tyre burst or insufficient tire pressure is very bad, this time, Rich Century focus on research and development over 10 years of products.

Portable Motorcycle Tire Pump

AP04 Portable Motorcycle Tire Pump can play a huge role in it.

AP04 Portable Motorcycle Tire Pump has a compact and lightweight design, size 1257146mm, 470g weight, easy to carry, whether it is placed in the luggage or on the back of the body will not occupy too much space. No external power supply, using 2000Mah*2 built-in battery, 18650 type battery power supply, convenient and quick, let you solve the tyre inflation problem anytime and anywhere.

AP04 Portable Motorcycle Tire Pump has five modes, according to the object you want to pump the corresponding pump mode, press the switch to start inflating. During the inflation process, the pump will also intelligently monitor the current air pressure and automatically stop working when it reaches the preset value, avoiding the risk of over-inflation leading to tyre burst.

In addition, the portable car motorbike bicycle inflation pump also has multiple functions. With LED display and LED flashlight. It is a stable and efficient air pump, which can be used not only for pumping cars, motorbikes and bicycles, but also for pumping swimming rings, basketballs, footballs and other kinds of inflatable toys, which has a wide range of practicality.

In a word, AP04 Portable Motorcycle Tire Pump is a necessary tool for modern travelling. It is convenient to carry, easy to operate, safe and reliable, escorting your journey. Let us have a safe and secure good companion on the road of travelling!

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