From October 11th to 14th, 2023, a grand exhibition will kick off in Hong Kong, China – the Global Resources Exhibition in Hong Kong. At this exhibition, HOTUS Technology will lead everyone to experience the charm of cutting-edge technology products, including a series of innovative and competitive high-end intelligent electronic products independently developed and manufactured by HOTUS Technology, such as projectors, Wireless audio system, inflator pumps, Bluetooth earphones, and Bluetooth glasses.

Global Source Hong Kong Shows

HOTUS Technology’s projectors offer users an unprecedented viewing experience with their ultra-high clarity and intelligent operations. The wireless audio system provide user with a more perfect experience in the tourism, events, worship and other applications. The air pump is an innovative product. It not only has the ability to inflate efficiently, but also has an emergency power supply function. It is environmentally friendly and is an ideal choice for outdoor activities and home use. Our Bluetooth headphones and glasses have attracted a large number of consumers who seek a quality lifestyle with their fashionable designs and excellent sound quality. Let’s stay positive and focus on the amazing products HOTUS Technology Will show!

At this exhibition, HOTUS will display more high-end intelligent electronic products. We believe that these products will lead the trend of technology and meet the diverse needs of different consumers. As a professional manufacturer of high-end intelligent electronic products, we have our own R&D teams and product manufacturing factories. We look forward to welcoming those who are passionate about technology and eager to experience cutting-edge technological products to visit our booth. Let’s embrace the positive energy of innovation and progress together!

Global Source Hong Kong Shows

At the exhibition, There will be a series of exciting activities waiting for everyone. We sincerely invite every customers and every friends who are interested in technology products to come to HOTUS Technology’s booth and share the happiness of technology with us. We look forward to meeting everyone at the exhibition and experiencing the charm of technology together, opening up a whole new way of life.