A car battery jump starter is actually another name for a car jump starter, and some experienced car owners should have a car starter in their car, after all, a battery loss is always very sudden, and a battery loss in the suburbs is a big disaster. Car battery loss refers to “battery aging”, “insufficient power”, “electricity negligence” and other reasons caused by the car battery can not work properly, which means that your car may not be able to normal This article will introduce the general knowledge of car battery starter.

battery jump starter

The working principle of car battery jump starter

The reason for the car battery loss is also related to the weather. In some high latitude areas, such as the UK, Canada, Northern Europe and other regions and countries, the winter temperature is usually below zero, and the long time low temperature weather will lead to the slow flow of substances inside the battery, and the car battery will be indirectly in a state of power loss. The ignition system of the car relies on the car battery, if the battery is in a state of power loss, the car can not be ignited, and the car battery starter can help the car battery work, equivalent to a backup car battery.

How to buy a car battery starter?

This article summarizes the product features of most car battery starters and chargers on the market, hoping to help you buy the right car battery starter.
First point: due to the limited space inside the car, a small portable car battery starter would be safer.
The second point: car battery starters should use lithium batteries of safe capacity.
Third point: the car battery starter should be adapted to mainstream charging ports, such as: USB and Type-C.
Point 4: The car battery starter should be equipped with some emergency functions besides assisting in ignition.

Can you recommend a car battery starter?

There are many kinds of car battery starters on the market, and users can easily fall into the difficulty of choosing one, so this article will recommend a car battery starter to make you more familiar with this kind of products, that is Rich Age AP06 car battery starter.

Rich Age is a technology enterprise integrating product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, which has passed ISO9001 international quality assurance system and scientific and rigorous quality control system, and its products are all certified by 3C/CE/FCC/RoHS, and the market covers more than 70 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, etc.


Rich Age AP06 has a built-in 12000mAh lithium battery, the battery capacity is similar to that of a rechargeable battery, even a violent collision will not cause an explosion or other accidents. AP06 is equipped with USB and type-c charging ports, a single charge can support 10 consecutive ignitions, standby time is about 60 days, such endurance performance allows AP06 to act as an invisible The insurance mechanism, users only need to periodically check to complete the AP06 car battery starter maintenance; it is worth mentioning that the AP06 also has LED lighting and inflation function, can automatically preset the air pressure, a key automatic inflation, unfamiliar to the air pressure of the user is very friendly.

car jump starter and tire inflator


Users only need to follow the AP06 car battery jump starter LED screen prompts, select the emergency ignition mode, the bottom in addition to the conventional charging port and lighting, there is an EC5 socket, with the attached battery special positive and negative clips, can be emergency ignition of the car; emergency start can be divided into the following steps.

Installing the EC5 slot of the special positive and negative clips to the bottom slot of the Rich Age AP06 car battery starter.
Follow the instructions to clip the special positive and negative clips to the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles, at this time the red and green warning lights will flash rapidly, which indicates that the connection is correct and can carry out emergency starting normally. If the red light comes on and an alarm sound is emitted, please check the clip connection.
After successful connection, please enter the car for ignition operation, and after the car starts successfully, please remove the AP06 within 30 seconds.


AP06 is not only an insurance mechanism for car ignition, but also an inflatable pump and a rechargeable battery, a variety of functions to fit the actual use scenario of users, such performance is enough to meet the daily use, if you still can’t make a choice which car battery starter to buy, you may want to consider Rich Age AP06 car battery starter, which can let you easily deal with the problem of car failure to ignite.