5 in 1 Portable car jump starter and tyre inflator

  • Model: AP06
  • Type: Portable car jump starter
  • Default pressure range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi
  • Starting voltage: 12V-16V
  • Starting current: 250-1000A
  • Battery capacity: 12000mAh(44.4Wh)
  • Working temperature: charging 0℃-45℃ discharging: -10℃-45℃
  • Nozzle : American nozzle,French nozzle,Air needle
  • Working noise: <80dB within 1m
  • Tube length: tube length 220mm
  • Round warning light: red and blue flashing warning light
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • FOB port: Shenzhen
  • Small orders: Accepted
  • Main export markets: Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia, Central / South America, Middle East / Africa
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Why do you need a portable car jump starter?

Inevitably, in life, you will encounter car battery aging, cold weather caused by the car can not start, if you encounter this situation, what should you do?

Perhaps calling an emergency service is an option, but it is also a really time-consuming method, so a safe and reliable portable car jump starter is especially important in this situation.It can take care of the trouble for you in a matter of minutes.

What should a best portable car jump starter look like?

In our opinion, a good car jump starter should not feel its presence when you don’t need it, and when you need it, it can immediately solve your trouble effectively and quickly for you. And it should be simple and safe when you use it.

Based on the demand of safety, simplicity and portability, Richcentury has developed and produced AP06 portable car jump starter.

Car jump starter should have portability

A product for the car to carry, should not bring pressure to the already limited car storage space, portability should be the product should have.

The volume of Rich AP06 is 156*105*46mm, which can be placed in almost any storage space of the car (nevertheless, in order to ensure the avoidance of unsafe factors caused by high temperature, we still recommend to put it in the armrest box which can effectively avoid high temperature), and the weight of 738g, even for thin women, can also be used easily.

Rich AP06 portable car jump starter

Ultra-large capacity lithium battery

Richcentury AP06 portable car jump starter uses 12000mAh high rate lithium battery, 12000 mAh of power, can support continuous start the car more than 10 times.

when the car battery is in a deficit state can not start the vehicle or because of the cold weather can not start the car, four simple steps to start the car.

Wide range of adaptable models

Most of the portable car jump starter on the market only adapt to 2.0 and below, for more than 2.0 models can not be used.

Rich AP06 start circuit: 250 ~ 1000A, not only can start 2.0 and below 2.0 models, even 3.0 cars can also be easily started, widely adapted to cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and It is widely used in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, vans, pickup trucks and off-road vehicles.

Wide range of adaptable models

Safer intelligent chip

Rich AP06 adopts a safer polymer smart chip, with high security, strong compatibility, good stability and durability, built-in explosion-proof fuse to ensure the stability of the output, whether the vehicle starts or tire inflation, double insurance more secure.

Multifunctional products more affordable

Rich AP06 portable car jump starter not only has the function of safe and stable car starting, but also has the function of inflating, lighting, mobile power and warning light.

Intelligent tire refill

When the tire pressure is not enough, you can easily re-inflate the tires in two simple steps.
1. pre-setting the tire pressure on Rich AP06 according to the normal tire pressure required by the tire.
2. Connect the nozzle to the tire and press the “OK” button on the Rich AP06 to inflate the tire.
When the tire pressure reaches the pre-set value, the Rich AP06 will automatically stop inflating the tire, and the 0 error will replenish the normal tire pressure.

At full charge, Rich AP06 can fill at least 12 car tires, 25 bicycle tires and 70 No.5 basketballs.

The LED display allows you to set the product function, air pressure setting and model selection intuitively.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting to solve the trouble at night

Rich AP06 is equipped with a high-brightness long-range spot LED light, which instantly illuminates the surrounding area and quickly relieves trouble when you encounter a need to start your car or refill your tires in the evening when there is no light. Of course, it can live up to its mission during nighttime outdoor activities or when lighting is needed.

mobile power bank

Smart USB output

It comes with a 12,000 mAh lithium battery, which can be used as a mobile power bank, and it can charge most of the digital products on the market.


SOS warning light

When the car breaks down on the road, Rich AP06’s alarm warning light is more powerful, you and others can be provided with more protection, while the car encounters a breakdown , or other vehicles need to be alerted Under the circumstance.
You can turn on the alarm-shaped light function, after turning it on, the red and blue colored lights will flash, and providing the alarm function for other people who have passed the light to ensure the warning others.

How to choose a trustworthy supplier of portable car jump starter?

First of all, the supplier should have the ability of research and development and production, you should look for the source of the supplier, not the middleman, only then you can get the cheap and good quality products, and only then you can get fast and effective service.
Richcentury has been focusing on the R&D and production of car jump starter and tire inflator since 2014, and has accumulated rich experience in R&D and service over the past 8 years.
Richcentury has 35 R&D staff and all have more than 10 years of R&D experience, they ensure that our products are safe, work well and meet the core needs of users.
Richcentury has more than 6000 square meters of PCBA workshop, assembly workshop and packaging workshop, each product needs to go through 50 quality inspection steps before shipping, to ensure that our customers receive excellent products.
We have a sales and service team of over 50 people to provide quality and considerate service to our customers from all over the world.
Integrating R&D, production, sales and service, with quality as the root and service as the foundation, this is the real reason why customers from over 70 countries and regions around the world choose us.

If you need to buy in small quantities (1~5pcs) you can buy on aliexpress, if you need to buy in large quantities, you are welcome to send inquiry.