Portable electric air pump for car tires

  • Model: AP04
  • Type: Car air pump
  • Battery capacity: 2*2000mAh
  • Working temperature: -10-60 degrees
  • Pressure gauge range: 5-150PSI
  • Charging time: ≤ 3h
  • Input voltage: DC7.4V (battery pack 3.7V*2 sections)
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • FOB port: Shenzhen
  • Small orders: Accepted
  • Main export markets: Europe,North America,Oceania,Asia,Central / South America,Middle East / Africa
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Why choose Rich AP04 air pump for car tires?

You may have seen a lot of traditional air pumps for car tires, but these traditional products are usually bulky and take up a lot of space, especially in cars that don’t have enough storage space. The Rich air pump AP04 is the perfect solution to these problems, it is a very delicate and compact product that can be easily placed in most of the storage areas in the car, and it is easy to use, even if you never know. Easy to use.

Rich AP04 air pump for car tires

This is a portable air pump for car tires

Including the nozzle is only 127 mm height, 71 mm width, 46 mm thickness, 472 g weight, can be easily placed in any place you want to place, whether it is inside the car, home, or even pocket.
When you need to refill your car tires, you can take out the Rich AP04 from the car’s door storage opening, the water cup opening in the center console, or the armrest box, making it truly portable.

AP04 air pump lithium battery

No wiring required to inflate tires

Are you fed up with the need to inflate the tire by connecting to the cigarette lighter or other power source, a very long power cord in the use and storage is exceptionally troublesome, now you can get rid of these.
Rich AP04 air pump for car tires has a built-in 4000 mAh lithium battery, no need to connect to a cigarette lighter or any other power source, and no need for a long power cord, completely free from the bondage of the cord, easily inflate the tires.

equipped with a LED digital

More peace of mind and safe to use

Rich AP04 is equipped with a LED digital display, after connecting to the tire, you can intuitively see the current tire pressure, accurate real-time tire data, so you can see the state of the tire pressure at a glance.
Of course, when the tire pressure is not enough, you can also pre-set the required tire pressure, when the tire pressure reaches the pre-set pressure, will automatically stop inflation, no need to worry about the air pressure is filled more or less, everything is in the hands of the accurate.
Compared to the traditional inflatable pump, is it too convenient? Imagine in the cold weather, when you need to fill the air to several tires, just pre-set the tire pressure, easily each tire will reach the required value.

Self-lighting function

Self-lighting function

Even if you need to inflate your tires at night, in the field or in other poorly lit areas, you don’t need to worry at all. The Rich AP04 comes with a lighting function that illuminates the surrounding area at the touch of a button, making it as convenient as it is during the day.
Of course, in the field or in the event of a power outage, it can also be used as a lighting flashlight.

Excellent heat dissipation

Excellent heat dissipation

Although the product is very small, it does not affect its excellent heat dissipation function at all.

The Rich AP04 is designed with double-sided heat dissipation holes and equipped with a miniature motor shaft to drive the rotation of the fan, which can quickly remove the heat emitted during use to ensure the stable and safe operation of the product.

More than just air pump for car tires

Rich air pump for car tires can not only refill car tires, but also inflate motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, balls and inflatable mattresses, etc. The product is equipped with three different air nozzles, so you can use the matching nozzle.

After the product is fully charged, it can fill about 8 car tires, 14 motorcycle tires and 45 No. 5 basketballs.
It takes about 4 minutes to inflate a car tire (from 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar), 2 minutes to inflate a motorcycle tire, and 1 minute to inflate a size 5 basketball.

Whether it is for travel or home use, AP04 Portable electric air pump for car tires is a good product you should have.

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If you need to buy in small quantities (1~5pcs) you can buy on aliexpress, if you need to buy in large quantities, you are welcome to send inquiry.