Jump starter and air compressor for 2022

  • Model: AP06
  • Type: Portable car jump starter and air compressor
  • Default Pressure Range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi
  • Starting Voltage: 12V-16V
  • Starting Current: 250-1000A
  • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh(44.4Wh)
  • Working Temperature: charging 0℃-45℃ discharging: -10℃-45℃
  • Nozzle :American nozzle,French nozzle,Air needle
  • Working Noise: <80dB within 1m
  • Tube Length: tube length 220mm
  • Round Warning Light: red and blue flashing warning light
  • Other Functions:          power bank , Lighting ,Warning Light
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Finding a superb quality Jump starter and air compressor that is easy to use is not an easy task.

The product must first be portable, traditional products, whether it is a jump starter or air compressor are bulky and not easy to move. Not to mention a jump starter and air compressor 2 in 1 product it.

When you need to make an emergency start to the car or to inflate the tires, it can work quickly without the need to charge it frequently.

Imagine, in a cold morning, when you need to send your baby to school, found that the car can not start, this time you will not feel very annoyed, baby full of aggrieved eyes looking at you, then need to do?

Suddenly, you remember that there is a Jump starter and air compressor product in the trunk of your car, you quickly take it out, and in two minutes, the car can not start, can not be a long sigh of relief.

We have entered into in-depth research and testing on the effectiveness, ease of use, and durability of the product based on the characteristics of the climate, car market, and user needs of countries around the world.

In 2022, we launched this compact, powerful and safe Jump starter and air compressor product:RichCentury AP06。

Jump starter and air compressor

Features of RcihCentury AP06 Jump starter and air compressor

No.1: It is a good helper when the vehicle’s battery is low or when the cold weather makes it impossible to start.

It is equipped with a 12,000 mAh high rate lithium battery, which can provide 250-1000A peak current when in use, and can be used for emergency starting for most cars.

It is suitable for cars, SUVs, pickups and other vehicles with 2.0 and 3.0 displacements.

Jump starter and air compressor

No.2:It is also an excellent air compressor when you need to inflate tires, ball items, inflatable beds and other items

The product is equipped with three kinds of air nozzles, so you can choose the corresponding nozzles according to different items.

Jump starter and air compressor

No.3:In addition to the functional features of the jump starter and air compressor, it also comes with three useful auxiliary functions.

lighting function: at night where there is no light, the product comes with LED lighting function can help you see the surrounding things.

Jump starter and air compressor

mobile power function: the product comes with a 12,000 mAh battery, able to charge digital products such as cell phones, tablets, even in the field, you do not need to worry about the phone without power.

Warning light function: When the vehicle breaks down, or encounter the need to warn others, you can turn on the product’s warning light function, which can tell people in the distance to pay attention to avoid, or provide help.

What do we need to know when choosing a jump starter and air compressor?

Product Portability
There are many Jump starter products or air compressor products on the market, and of course there are many Jump starter and air compressor 2-in-1 products, but almost without exception, they are all bulky products that are easy to carry, so a compact, powerful and safe Jump starter and air compressor is your best choice.

Battery capacity and safety
Especially for the use of car emergency start, the size of the battery capacity determines the number of emergency starts, the higher the battery capacity the more times the product starts. Of course, the larger the battery capacity, the larger the size of the product will be, so you need to find an optimal balance between capacity and volume, and 12000 mA is the best balance point.

Products that use batteries are involved in the safety performance of the product, higher safety performance of the high rate of lithium batteries is a guarantee of product safety.

Safety, durability, ease of use, portability, and functionality are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a Jump starter and air compressor, and the RichCentury AP06 can meet them all.