“Oh, the tire pressure alarm!” “After getting out of the car, I stepped on the tire with my foot and found that the tire was not inflated. If I continue to drive like this, I am afraid that something unexpected will happen” and so on. I believe that many driver friends have encountered such a situation. If such a thing happens at the door of the house, it can be remedied. Find a shop that often washes the car and help refill it.

But what should you do if it happens on a business trip or a self-driving tour? Those who can’t go to the village and don’t go to the store, I’m afraid they can only “take risks” to move forward! Therefore, it is necessary to have a car air pump in the car at ordinary times.

Small size does not take up space

When hearing the word “air pump”, many people may think that this thing should be very big, and it must be inconvenient to carry! Wrong, the size of the rich AP04 car air pump is only 195*71*46㎜. To put it simply, it is the same size as a power bank. It can be placed in the trunk or under the seat without taking up much space at all.

equipped with a LED digital

Fast inflation

Don’t look at the small object, but the inflation is unambiguous. Under normal circumstances, RichAge vehicle-mounted air pump can fill a car tire in 7 minutes, and it can also achieve continuous inflation for 24 hours, and can inflate multiple tires without interruption. and the distance”.

Strong environmental adaptability

Many car air pumps will stagnate in extreme cold or heat. This kind of uncertain environment is often encountered when traveling. At this time, it is so important to prepare a car air pump that can continue to work in harsh environments. RichAge AP04 car air pump can still work in the environment of -10° to 60°, and it is equipped with dual LED lights, which can bring you unexpected lighting when the vision is dim.

car jump starter and tire inflator

Easy to use

You may be thinking, the introduction sounds good, but is it difficult to operate? so easy! RichAge car air pump is wireless inflatable, select the corresponding air nozzle to clamp on the tire, and you can start to inflate, doesn’t it feel very convenient! Here I would also like to praise the digital display of RichAge car air pump, which can make the entire operation more intelligent and intuitive.

car air pump use

Company brand

RichAge is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. It has passed the ISO9001 international quality assurance system, scientific and rigorous quality control system, and its products have obtained 3C/CE/FCC/ROHS certification. Covering more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

On the way of pursuit, you don’t need to worry about the problem of flat tires in your car. RichAge car air pump will help you easily solve your troubles and give you the courage to pursue distant places.