The AP04 Small Car Tire Pump is a highly efficient and convenient tool for inflating car tires. It uses cutting-edge smart technology that can inflate cars quickly and accurately.

As an advanced inflation tool, the AP04 is not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly. In addition, it comes equipped with practical features such as automatic shutdown, high-definition LED display screen, LED lighting, emergency signal lights, and portable charging function, making it a versatile tool suitable for any occasion. With its high-brightness LED flashlight, the inflator can easily find the inflation port even at night and there is no need to look for a separate flashlight. The inflator is lightweight and has a mini size that can be held with one hand, making it easy to carry around.

Best Small Car Tire Pump

In today’s fast-paced world, we all need tools that can save us time and make our lives easier. The AP04 Small Car Tire Pump does just that, providing a quick and convenient solution for inflating car tires. Its user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can use it, regardless of their experience with inflating car tires. The inflator is perfect for busy professionals who need to get their work done quickly and efficiently, or for families who need a quick and easy way to maintain their car tires.

Small Car Tire Pump

One of the best things about the AP04 Small Car Tire Pump is its versatility. It can be used for different types of vehicles and can inflate not only car tires but also bike tires, sports balls, and more. The inflator is also equipped with a portable charging function that allows it to be charged on the go, making it a convenient tool for outdoor activities like camping or hiking.

Small Car Tire Pump

FAQs About Small Car Tire Pump

1. What are the features of AP04 inflator pump?
The features of AP04 inflatable pump include small size, light weight, single handheld weighs only 401 grams; built-in 2*2000Mah 18650 lithium batteries; 25,000 rpm high-speed motor, pumping speed; preset tire pressure, pumping full of air to stop; digital LED screen display and LED flashlight; strong heat dissipation, longer service life.

2. What is the weight of AP04 inflator pump?
The AP04 inflator pump weighs only 401 grams in a single handheld position, making it very lightweight and easy to use.

3. What kind of batteries does the AP04 inflator pump use?
AP04 inflatable pump is built-in 2*2000Mah 18650 lithium batteries, rechargeable.

4. How fast does the AP04 inflator pump inflate?
AP04 inflator pump adopts 25000 rpm high speed motor, inflating speed is very fast, can quickly fill up the tire air pressure.

5. What is the display function of AP04 inflator pump?
The AP04 inflator pump is equipped with a digital LED screen display, which allows you to clearly see the tire pressure and pumping progress. There is also an LED flashlight function for nighttime use.

6. What is the lifespan of the AP04 inflator pump?
The AP04 inflator pump is heat dissipative and has a longer lifespan. Also, its preset tire pressure and stop when full of air function can protect the life of the pump. When used correctly, the AP04 inflator pump can have a long service life.

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