What is Portable Electric Air Pump:

A portable electric air pump is a compact and lightweight device to inflate tires and various other inflatables on the go. It is a convenient and practical tool for motorists to maintain proper tire pressure and inflate tires during emergencies, travel, or outdoor activities.

What is the advantage of using pumps?

Increased Efficiency: Pumps can help to increase the efficiency of a system by reducing the amount of energy required to move fluids. Improved Safety: Pumps can be used to move dangerous or toxic fluids, reducing the risk of exposure to workers

What is jump starter?

Jump starters are portable battery devices that allow for jump starting of vehicles. These devices operate similar to jumper cables but do not require an additional vehicle to provide the power needed to boost the dead vehicle battery.

AP05 Specifications

 Multifunction car jump starter & Tire inflator
 Built in 6800Mah high-rate lithium battery
 12V 250-500A(Peak 800A) Starting Voltage & Current
 Digital LED screen Display & LED Flashlight
 Overcharge & over – discharge Protection
 -20 Degree C low temperature workable
 Input voltage and current: DC 5V 2A
 Charging Interface: Type C
 Charging Time: <4 Hours
 Sensor accuracy: 2 PSI
 Starting Current: 250A-500A
 Cylinder material: Metal
 Product Size :145 * 75 * 45 mm

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