The sudden failure to start the car has a lot to do with the health status of the battery. Usually the working voltage of the car battery is 12V, if the battery is lower than 12V, the battery can’t work properly and it is the main reason why the car can’t be ignited. To solve this problem, some car owners will prepare a car backup power supply, but the car backup power supply takes up too much space and becomes another problem for car owners to consider.

Portable car jump starter

Why do I need a portable car jump starter?

A conventional car backup power supply not only takes up too much space, but also the interior of the car is not suitable for storing the backup power supply. This is because the temperature inside the car changes drastically, which will cause wear and tear on the battery, and when the battery is subjected to a violent collision it will easily leak and even cause a car accident.

Car backup battery for car ignition, the performance is seriously excessive, and inconvenient to carry, the needs of car owners is not a perfect solution. You can learn about the newly launched car jump starter, which not only can assist in emergency car ignition, but also is lightweight and portable, making it an excellent car aid.

Why is a portable car jump starter better than a backup battery?

The advantage of the car starter in is just the right battery capacity, taking RichCentury AP06 as an example, the built-in 12000mAh lithium battery can support continuous ignition 10 times, the volume is several times smaller than the car battery, and the energy density is within the safety category, car owners need not worry about battery accidents caused by violent collisions.

RichCentury AP06 is not only a car starter, but also an inflatable pump. The top native inflatable tube interface is an international threaded interface, which is suitable for various inflatable accessories, including: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketballs; RichCentury AP06 has a built-in air pressure sensor, which accurately measures the air pressure of the inflatable object and presets the target air pressure to achieve automatic inflation. User-friendly for those unfamiliar with air pressure values, of course, also supports manual adjustment of air pressure.

Portable car jump starter practical use experience

As an emergency ignition device, the car starter is the ignition insurance for car owners, so its environmental adaptability is very important. In the low temperature environment, the charging and discharging capacity of the battery is greatly reduced, making the battery indirectly in a state of power loss, which is common in cold regions. It can be used as a flashlight.

Portable car jump starter use summary

Car ignition failure is always very sudden, and having a portable starter in the car can play an insurance role and save the cost of car rescue. If you are a car owner in a cold area, it is also a good choice to buy a portable car starter to prevent the car from stalling due to low temperature, RichCentury AP06 portable car starter will be a good choice.

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