Now I want to introduce one of products of our company: emergency car jump starter inflator. This product is combination of car jump starter and tire inflator.

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Emergency Car Jump Starter Inflator From Rich Age
Jump starter and portable power bank

Emergency car jump starter inflator features

First, you can preset the tire pressure, and this product will inflate the tire automatically, once the set pressure is reached, the product will shut off automatically.

Second, there are also 3 kinds of nozzles which can be used for different items.

Third, this product can detect tire pressure and show it on the digital LED screen.

Fourth, besides function of car jump starter and tire pump, it has other functions. For instance, light function, if there is no light in the night, you can turn on the LED light of this product to help you see the surrounding things. Mobile power function, it has 12000mAh battery which can charge digital devices like cell phones, tablets. Warming light function, when the car breaks down, you can turn on the warning light of this product to warn others, of keeping a proper distance.

Last, your car may encounter some troubles which make the car can’t be started. For example, you haven’t used your car for a long time; the temperature is too low to start the car; or you forget to turn off car’s lights, which leads to low power of battery. If your car get into these trouble, you may need this product. It’s equipped with a 12000mAh high rate lithium battery, which can provide 250-1000A peak current when in use, and can be used for emergency start for most cars like SUVs, pickups and light trucks.

Portable car jump starter