Why we need to prepare a car inflatable pump?

“Oops, the tire pressure alarm!” “After getting off the car and stepped on the tires with his feet, found that the tires seem to be really low on gas, and then insist on driving like this, the heart must be very panic.”

I believe that many drivers have encountered such a situation, if such things happen at home, it is okay to find a frequent car wash store, help to fill the air on the end, but if it happens on business trips, self-drive tour of the road, what should you do? Not in front of the village after the store, I am afraid that only “risk” forward! So usually have a car inflatable pump in the car is still very necessary.

What is the size of the car inflatable pump?

When you hear the word “inflatable pump”, maybe many people will think that this thing should be big and inconvenient to carry! Wrong, Rich Age car inflatable pump is only 125*71*46㎜, simply describe it, it is the same size as a rechargeable battery, it can be put in the trunk or under the seat, it does not take up much space at all.

Super power & Large capacity

But do not look at the object is small, but the inflation is not ambiguous. Under normal circumstances, the Rich Age car inflatable pump can fill a small car tire in 7 minutes, but also to achieve 24 hours of continuous inflation, uninterrupted for multiple tire inflation, with such excellent “logistics”, you just focus on the pursuit of “poetry and faraway places”.

How is the operation of the car inflatable pump?

The car inflator is a wireless inflator, choose the corresponding nozzle clip on the car tire, you can start inflating, is not feeling very convenient! Here we also want to praise the digital display of the Rich Age car inflator pump, which can make the whole operation more intelligent and convenient.

Rich Age car inflatable pump

The faraway place is right there, impartial. You don’t need to worry about your car tires running out of air on the way to the car, the Rich Age car inflator pump will help you easily solve your troubles and give you the courage to pursue distant places!