Car essential tools – portable air pump

Why is a portable air pump one of the necessary tools? As a car driver, the car has also become one of the most important members of the family. Regular maintenance of the car, equipped with various necessary on-board equipment, such as on-board dash cam, navigation, charger, car vacuum cleaner , car fire extinguisher, car portable air pump and so on. These devices, firstly, bring more safety to our driving, and secondly, in an emergency, they can even save lives!

portable air pump RICHAGE AP06

The best recommendation for portable air pump

In fact, regarding the on-board equipment for safe driving, there are two equipment that every car driver needs, the portable air pump and the emergency car jump starter portable air pump. During the daily driving, I am most afraid that the car will break down in a place where  can not find anyone to help in time! In case of emergency, the car must be equipped with these two types of products. And Rich Century has developed such a portable air pump AP04 and emergency car jump starter portable air pump AP06 to deal with the breakdown of the car.

car jump starter and tire inflator

As we all know that the car is the greatest invention of the civilized society. The only thing that the car is in contact with the ground during the driving process is the tire. The safety of the tire is not only related to the driving comfort, but also to the safety of the driver and passengers. Therefore, the maintenance of tires is particularly important. In daily driving, we need to pay attention to tire wear and tire pressure, especially when driving at high speed, abnormal tire pressure is often the culprit of causing car accidents.

Car jump starter with air compressor


So, what if the tire pressure monitor indicates that the tire pressure is too low on the highway? There is no auto repair shop that can be inflated. At this time, a more portable car air pump comes in handy. It can be seen that the portable air pump is important for driving safety. Therefore, it is recommended that every car owner prepare an easy-to-use car air pump for their car.