Why do you need a jump starter?

Before we get into the portable car jump starter reviews, let’s understand why we need a jump starter?

Common car battery voltage is above 12V, when its voltage is below 12V, the battery will be in a state of power loss, which will easily lead to car ignition difficulties. The causes of battery loss include “battery aging”, “lack of maintenance”, “power negligence”, etc. Owners with certain experience will prepare an emergency power supply in the car. Richcentury is based on this demand research, and combined with its own technology and concept, developed the AP06, to provide users with a portable emergency ignition tool.

portable car jump starter reviews

Auto ignition principles: finding solutions from the principles

Nowadays, the ignition system widely circulated in the market is COP independent ignition system, which is the same principle as other ignition systems, both of which are powered by the battery to start the car. COP ignition system features a booster ignition coil integrated into the spark plug, but temperature, power loss, aging parts and other problems can still make the ignition system malfunction and cause the car to fail to start.

In order for the car to run properly, the ignition system works in two parts: the first job is to ensure that the voltage is delivered to the right spark plug at the right time; the second job is to boost the voltage from about 12V to over 10,000V.

How does a power loss cause a car to not start?

The car ignition system uses the spark discharge principle, through the ignition coil boost, the formation of high voltage discharge, so that the air between the two poles of the spark plug is ionized, and then use the generated pulse of high-voltage electricity through the air between the two poles of the spark plug, forming a spark to ignite the combustible mixture inside the cylinder, and then run the engine. If the battery voltage is lower than 12 V, in a state of power loss, the spark plug can not form a high-voltage electricity, the car ignition is not to talk about.

Spark discharge is: under certain circumstances, the electric field strength increases with the voltage, when the voltage and field strength to a certain extent, the air will be ionized into a conductor, and generate current, so that the charge is consumed or neutralized, emitting light and heat.

For example, in the dry weather of winter, take off the sweater will be issued “splintering” sound, and sometimes there will be a “faint spark”. This is due to the dry weather, clothing friction generated by a large number of static electricity can not be released, when undressing, the friction suddenly aggravated, so that the electrostatic charge discharged sharply into the air, the air is ionized, the formation of “spark discharge” phenomenon.

Why do low temperatures cause cars to not start?

Cold weather has a significant impact on the battery, causing the battery’s charging and discharging capacity to drop significantly. When the temperature is too low, the current released by the battery does not reach the starting standard, and the most common situation is: the phone will freeze until it shuts down. In the cold winter, the car battery is prone to insufficient voltage, and the fluidity of the oil will also be reduced. In this case, the car will be very difficult to start cold, need an “external” assistance.

portable car jump starter reviews

Ignition helper: portable Richcentury AP06 car emergency starter power

RichcenturyAP06 car emergency starter power is developed to solve the car in the case of power loss can not start the situation, AP06 is to play the role of “external assistance”, to provide an additional starter power for the car battery, to help the car can be successfully ignited.

Overall appearance.

RichcenturyAP06 emergency starter power about the size of a palm, its surface is frosted, feel good and not easy to slip hands, the size of about: 156 * 105 * 45mm. AP06 front has a LED display and button area, the bottom has a light and built-in charging port, adapted to USB and Type-C charging cable, built-in 12000mah lithium battery The AP06 has a LED display and button area on the front, a light and a built-in charging port on the bottom, USB and Type-C charging cables, and a built-in 12000mah lithium battery.

Emergency ignition.

RichcenturyAP06 car emergency starter power according to the LED prompt operation, can choose the emergency ignition mode, RichcenturyAP06 bottom in addition to the conventional charging port and lighting, there is an EC5 socket, with the attached battery special positive and negative clips, can be emergency ignition of the car; emergency start can be divided into the following steps.

  • Install the EC5 slot of the special positive and negative clips to the bottom slot of the FRAO AP06 car emergency starter power supply.
  • Follow the instructions to clip the special positive and negative clips to the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles, at this time the red and green warning lights will flash rapidly, which indicates that the connection is correct and can be normal for emergency start. If the red light comes on and an alarm sound is emitted, please check the clip connection.
  • After successful connection, please enter the car for ignition operation, and after the car starts successfully, please remove the AP06 within 30 seconds.

Incidental features.

Richcentury AP06 car emergency starter power also comes with inflatable function, the top of the native inflatable tube interface is the international common thread interface, adaptable to a variety of inflatable accessories, can be inflatable objects include: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketball; Richcentury AP06 built-in air pressure sensor, with tire pressure (internal air pressure) test function, according to the use of scenarios, you can adjust the air pressure, a key automatic inflation, to prevent overfilling, underfilling, not familiar with the tire pressure users more friendly. The tire pressure is not familiar with the user is more friendly, without “foot pedal hand pinch”.

In the process of measuring tire pressure, please note that the air pressure units are BAR and PSI, BAR for fuel vehicles, PSI for home inflatable objects, long press the “mode button” to switch the inflation unit. 1 bar is equal to about 14 psi. Usually, the tire pressure (internal air pressure) will fluctuate within a certain range due to environmental factors such as temperature, road width, ground temperature, etc. This is a normal phenomenon.


Under certain circumstances, RichcenturyAP06 car emergency starter power supply can run more than 10 times of emergency ignition mode, and in terms of inflating function, it can work continuously for about 60 minutes. This kind of endurance has been able to easily cope with the daily emergency starting and inflating needs.

Use scenario: Richcentury AP06 car emergency starter power small size, large capacity

AP06 as an upgraded version of AP04, AP06 comes with the function of inflation, but the emergency ignition mode is the core function of AP06, which can help users solve the difficulty of starting caused by power loss and low temperature in several usage scenarios.

Idle for a long time.

When a car is idle for a period of time, the power is naturally depleted and cannot be started. The FULL AP06 can act as an emergency starter power source to assist in igniting the car, eliminating the cost of towing and saving time.

Negligence in the use of electricity.

The car’s air conditioner and headlights are the major users of electricity, and forgetting to turn off the electricity in a moment of negligence can easily lead to power loss, which is one of the common reasons why it is difficult to ignite the car. Richcentury AP06 can solve the problem of car ignition caused by power shortage, and it can finish the ignition in 30 seconds with easy and simple operation.

Low temperature environment.

In the low-temperature environment, the charging and discharging capacity of the battery is greatly reduced, so that the battery is indirectly in a state of power loss. This situation is common in cold regions, and it is easy to cause accidents, so there is a portable emergency starter power supply around to solve this urgent problem.

High applicability.

Richcentury AP06 car emergency starter power can be adapted to a variety of models, including bridge cars, trains, pickup trucks and so on, can be in low temperature, strong start off the vehicle, and comes with automatic filling function, can be automatically filled with a key to prevent overfilling or underfilling, quickly applicable to a variety of roads.

Conclusion of the review: Richcentury AP06 car emergency starter power is a must for car owners

The Richcentury AP06 is designed to be easy to operate and portable, so it’s a good idea to have an emergency power supply in your car to protect it from the embarrassment of losing power and breaking down, which is very unpredictable after all. It can be used for emergency ignition within 1 minute in a -20° to 60° environment.

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