Recently, many places have been flooded, many people have begun to stockpile supplies, and even gasoline has begun to be limited. When I went out and saw my neighbor using a “small cube” to get his car, I was curious and asked him what it was. He said, because the car has not started for too long, can not fire, he took out the previously purchased emergency car jump starter inflatable pump to start his car.

I couldn’t figure out why I should buy one of these things to keep at home, but after two power outages this year, I thought I should have one, because the car parked in front of my house hadn’t been used for too long and wouldn’t start! My neighbor recommended me the brand he uses (Rich Century emergency car jump starter inflatable pump).

Goodies for Drivers:

Turn on the power switch, showing the current power and voltage of the emergency power supply, convenient for timely charging, the weight of small things can be, there is a storage bag, go out driving in the trunk is not cumbersome.

Basic features include an LED intelligent digital display, an emergency LED light source, a cool red and blue alternating flashing light on the body, a set of USB output ports, a 12V~16V output power supply, and powerful cooling gradual cooling holes on both sides.

The most emergency function is to connect the car battery, find the car ± level connected, the emergency power will automatically turn on after the correct identification.

After everything is in order, and then start Jump Starter positive middle switch, high current will instantly turn on the car, be sure to make sure that the positive and negative wiring do not hitch together!

Back to the car, start the vehicle power, the car’s electrical appliances have begun to work, start the car, start, and finally remove the negative terminal of the wire first, put away, then remove the positive terminal, turn off the power!

Inflating the car tires is also a feature of this little thing, before inflating the switch, and then set the PSI value according to the vehicle’s recommended tire pressure, when charged to the preset tire pressure, automatically stop, so as to avoid the previous manual inflation is easy to overfill or underfill the problem!

The whole size of the machine is okay, in the past, this is not a frequently used device, but from the beginning of last winter, this ghost weather gave us a downfall, cold weather is also unable to start the car, if I can find this treasure early, last year I will not be so embarrassed. If you need one, you can have one at home!