Why is jump starter in trunk the one thing you must do?

What I want to share with you today is an incident where the car was turned off for only 10 minutes, but could not be started again, and the trip computer kept reporting errors, and finally the battery was found to be faulty. It is also in this incident, I realized two problems:
1、usually look very reliable car, in the last years, some parts of the life of the end, when some unconventional accidents may occur.

2、the battery thing, it is very likely to say bad, and without warning before.

Generally speaking, the service life of the original battery of a car is about 3-4 years. Of course, the battery life varies according to each person’s car habits. But in any case, if the car has been used for more than 3 years without replacing the battery, then you must pay attention to the battery problem and be ready to scrap the battery at any time (it is very rare to replace the battery in advance).

Why is jump starter in trunk the one thing you must do.

So what should I do if I really encounter battery failure in my daily driving?

You must have a jump starter in trunk!

In general, roadside assistance services are now quite convenient, both 4S stores and insurance companies have similar services available and free of charge.
But just like my previous experience, sometimes driving out, the location is not always convenient for rescue, especially if the self-drive tour is not in the city, although the other party will not refuse the request for rescue, but it takes 2-3 hours of waiting time, we actually can not afford to consume.

This time the most convenient, is to have a jump starter in trunk for temporary self-help emergency.

But something has, once one day really meet to use, you really will use? As a weak girl, this thing is really good operation? Only answered Why is jump starter in trunk the one thing you must do this question?, the emergency starter power will have the meaning of existence.

Here I will take my own car as an example and briefly introduce the use of emergency car jump starter inflatable pump.

Generally speaking, there will be marks marked near the battery, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the front cabin first when you have time to understand where the battery is located.
After opening the protective cover, you can see the battery
The battery has “+” and “-” poles, red represents the “+” pole; black represents the “-” pole. This must be remembered, must not be reversed.

After understanding the basics of the car battery, let’s look at the emergency car jump starter inflatable pump.

The battery to figure out the positive and negative poles, for the starter power supply can not be connected backwards.’

Why is jump starter in trunk the 1 thing you must do

In my hands, the RichAge emergency car jump starter inflatable pump. for example, in order to facilitate the user’s operation, the brand directly with the arrow shown above right-angled edge to mark the correct connection, also counted on the details of an optimization (OD anti-reverse design), fundamentally avoid the possibility of connecting the wrong

Easy four steps to start the car
Step 1: Connect the emergency power supply, connect the battery clip to the power supply
Step 2: Red clip clip battery positive, black clip battery negative
Step 3: Enter the car to operate the start
Step 4: Remove the battery clip within 30 seconds after successful ignition

At this time, if the car battery has been completely damaged, the emergency car jump starter inflatable pump becomes a temporary ignition power supply, which can provide sufficient output voltage and sufficient ignition current.

car jump starter and tire inflator

As a user, we can sit inside the driver’s seat when we are ready and start the vehicle according to the normal starting operation.
The whole process can be said to be very simple.

Of course, according to the current technology, a simple emergency starter power supply is not enough to meet the needs of car people. the Richcentury emergency car jump starter inflatable pump can also meet other needs.
Applicable to car tires, bicycles, motorcycles, balls
1)Convenient to carry, does not occupy space, volume in 15.6 * 10.6 * 4.5cm, starting voltage and current: 12V-16V, 250-1000A
(2) 12000mAh large battery capacity, strong power can continue to work, can be continuously started more than 10 times
3)Insufficient tire pressure is also one of the road killers, which greatly affects car driving. the RichAge emergency car jump starter inflatable pump with LED intelligent digital display, clear data, can detect the tire pressure value, detect the correct value of tire pressure in ± 2PSI. can always inflate the car tires, wireless operation, convenient and simple.
(4) equipped with high brightness long-range gathering beam LED lights and red and blue flashing warning lights, in the field or dark night can also be used as an emergency light
(5) double as a rechargeable battery to charge cell phones, compatible with most of the digital devices on the market charging.

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