The car air pump portable-Rich Age AP06, a car starter that can inflate your car, measure tyre pressure, emergency lighting and much more all in one!

If you are a new driver, it’s time to get a car air pump portable starter for your car, as low battery levels, ageing batteries and extreme temperatures can cause your car’s battery to run low and lead to ignition failure. With limited space inside the car, a portable car battery starter with air compressor would be the best car insurance tool.

All in one – car air pump portable starter

The most versatile car battery starter on the market, offering lighting, inflation, car ignition and charging, all in one, easy to store and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting where to store it.

Keeping a car air pump portable starter in your car can be a great insurance policy, but with so many different brands on the market, it’s easy to get stuck in a ‘difficult choice’. This article will introduce a portable car battery starter – the Rich Age AP06.

the most versatile car air pump portable starter

How does the AP06 portable car starter perform in terms of inflation and ignition?

The AP06 is a portable car starter with a built-in 12000mAh Li-ion battery, which can fill up 12 car tyres / 25 bicycle tyres / 70 No.5 basketballs on a single charge in about 1 minute.

The Rich Age AP06 supports emergency ignition and inflation, and can operate normally in environments ranging from -20° to 60°. It can support 10 continuous ignition jobs and has a standby time of about 30 days, and users only need to maintain it on a monthly basis.


The Rich Age AP06car air pump portable starter measures approximately 15610545mm and has an LED display and button area on the front, a light and a built-in charging port at the bottom, USB and Type-C charging cables and a built-in 12000mah lithium battery. No need to connect cables for emergency ignition and inflation.


The RichAge AP06 is a car battery starter from RichAge. RichAge is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one, through the ISO9001 international quality assurance system, scientific and rigorous quality control system, the products have obtained 3C/CE/FCC/RoHS certification, the market covers the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other more than 70 countries and regions. Small innovations can create big value, and making users happy has always been RichAge’s core value. We hope the RichAge AP06 portable car starter can help you.