Why are some cars more durable?

As an energy-based transportation tool, sometimes automobiles would encounter special situations, like running out of energy, failing to start with the short circuit. When we get stuck into the above situation, we could call the towing service if we were in the city. While out of town or on a trip, we will feel very hard if the car anchored. Therefore, in order to prevent the above situation, some car owners will carry a “car jump & inflator” for spare. The “car jump & inflator” for the car is equivalent to a rechargeable battery for cell phones, which is an emergency starter device to ensure that the car starts normally when the car off.

Car jump starter usage report

The benefits of having an “car jump & inflator”

1. Easy to carry, small space

The total volume is small, only the size of a book, easy to carry in the car at any time

Car jump starter with air compressor

2. Safe travel protection

Multi-functional detection of car conditions, can monitor the tire pressure. The red and blue flashing warning lights make the travel safer. Also it is equipped with high brightness long-range beam gathering LED lights, which could be a flashlight emergency use in night.

car jump starter and tire inflator

3. Large battery capacity

12000mAh large battery capacity, strong power make it more durable, could be started for more than 10 times

Car jump starter with air compressor

4. Double as a portable battery

Can also be used as a portable battery, compatible with most of the digital devices on the market

The “car jump & inflator” make your drive trip safer and more secure, also accompany you to more places.