Portable electric air pump is the one of the few items of motorcycle gear that you would be happy never to use it, while if you do find yourself needing a tire pump one day, you will be more happy that you made such wisdom investment on it. Your motorcycle tire flatted is unfortunate  in your life .

Sooner or later we will all get one, and it is sure to be at the least convenient time. A tire repair kit should be a mandatory piece of every touring rider’s kit, but a patched tire still is not much good without an air pump to inflate it. Considering this situation, we tested portable electric air pump for motorcycles. small enough to be packed easily with the rest of your gear and is designed with motorcycle electrical systems and tires in mind.

electric air pump

To put the portable electric air pump to the test, we inflated the rear tire of a sport-touring motorcycle (a Yamaha FJR1300) from completely flat to 40 psi, and recorded how long it took to complete the full pumping. We also recorded each maximum temperature of portable electric air pump attained during the process. The most important is that the portable electric air pump with a function of tire pressure gauge ,when it connected to the tire valve ,it will indicate the current pressure value .

How to choose an Air pump?

Rich Century portable electric air pump AP04

  • Time to Inflate: 5 minutes 35 second
  • Maximum Temperature: 115° F
  • Power Connection: Full charged 2*2000mAh 18650 lithium battery
  • This basic, no frills portable electric air pump set the fastest inflate time of the test at just under six and a half minutes.
  • A carabineer attached to the top allows you to hang the pump conveniently from the bike.
  • It is also one of the smallest and least expensive pumps we tested.
  • Accessories: portable electric air pump machine with the trachea and American valve, French valve ,ball needle and valve .

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell from our test results, there is a good performance of AP04 portable electric air pump. I would feel confident riding with this in my onboard tool kit. Your decision will most likely hinge on budget and intended use. If you are purchasing a pump only as an insurance policy against a flat, you really can not go wrong with any model here. Whichever electric air pump you choose, you will certainly enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing a stray nail or screw will not leave you stranded.