How does “portable cordless inflator car jump starter” – a small box get the car started? Most of the drivers who have experienced car ignition system failure are interested in this issue. The reasons for car ignition system failure include: “car battery loss”, “excessive battery loss”, “battery aging” and so on. “and so on, and the portable car starter is equivalent to a small car battery backup, can assist the car battery work to ensure the normal operation of the car ignition system.

portable cordless inflator car jump starter

How does portable cordless inflator car jump starter assist with car ignition?

Spark plug is the main parts of the ignition system, its working principle and the “spark discharge phenomenon” have something in common, spark plug through the car battery current boost, so that the air between the two poles of the spark plug is ionized, and then use the generated pulse of high-voltage electricity to penetrate the air between the two poles of the spark plug, forming a spark to ignite the cylinder internal combustible mixture, and then run the engine. Spark plug is dependent on the car battery to provide energy, if the car battery is in a state of power loss (voltage below 12 V), the car ignition will be very difficult.

Why choose a portable cordless inflator car jump starter?

In order to prevent the ignition system from failing, some experienced drivers have a car battery backup, but this battery (which is large) is inconvenient to store, and the temperature inside the car varies greatly, which can easily cause wear and tear on the backup battery. Portable car jump starter wireless is the solution to these problems in terms of safety and performance.

Take RichAge AP06 as an example, AP06 portable cordless inflator car jump starter has a lithium battery capacity of 12000mAh, which can support more than 10 consecutive ignitions and is suitable for vehicles with displacement of 2.0 or above, such a portable car starter is safer and more It is safer and more practical than a car battery backup.

Car jump starter with air compressor

What other features does the RichAge AP06 have?

The full name is RichAge AP06 Portable car jump starter with air infaltor. It is not only a starter for large displacement cars, but also an inflator pump. The top native inflator tube connection is an international universal threaded connection, which is suitable for all kinds of inflating accessories, and can be inflated for: cars, motorbikes, bicycles and basketballs; RichAge AP06 has a built-in air pressure sensor, which can automatically preset the target air pressure and automatically inflate with one key to prevent over-inflation and under-inflation, which is more friendly to users who are not familiar with tire pressure.


If owners are looking for a suitable portable cordless inflator car jump starter, they also need to pay attention to its environmental adaptability, as low temperatures are also one of the reasons why car batteries lose power, and a car starter that can guarantee low temperature operation is very important for drivers in colder regions. The RichAge AP06 can operate in environments from -20° to 60° working, it would be a good choice.

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