The air compressor is usually very loud and large, the auto mechanics use it to inflate the car tires, so it is also called inflator pump. In order to solve this problem, RichAge has combined the air compressor and the car jump starter into one, which is the RichAge AP06portable car jump starter, after industry research and user feedback.

Why choose a portable car jump starter with air compressor?

The air compressor in the auto store is overflowing and inconvenient for the average user, and a properly reduced air compressor size is what users expect from an everyday air pump (small air compressor).

The car starter has been iteratively updated and is about the same size as a rechargeable car. This article will introduce you to RichAge’s new portable car jump starter – AP06, an integrated small air compressor (inflatable pump) and car starter “driver’s companion”.

air compressor, portable car jump starter

How is the inflation performance of RichAge AP06?

Some users may worry that AP06’s inflation speed is too slow, here are some experimental data that may solve your doubts. AP06 portable car jump starter has a built-in 12000mAh lithium battery, which can fill 12 car tires / 25 bicycle tires / 70 No.5 basketballs on a single charge, and the single inflation time is about 1 minute.

How is the ignition performance of RichAge AP06?

In some high latitude areas, it is common for cars to fail to start in winter. In addition, “battery aging”, “lack of maintenance”, “negligence in electricity” and other reasons can also cause the car to fail to start.

The RichAge AP06 is highly adaptable to the environment and can work normally in an environment from -20° to 60°, and can be started 10 times continuously on a single charge. The user only needs to charge periodically to have the “car ignition insurance” continuously.

Is the RichAge AP06 easy to operate?

Users can choose the emergency ignition mode according to the LED display of the AP06. In addition to the regular charging port and lighting at the bottom of the RichAge AP06, there is also an EC5 socket, which can be used for emergency ignition of the car with the special positive and negative clips for the battery included; the emergency start can be divided into the following steps.

1. install the EC5 slot of the special positive and negative clips to the bottom slot of the RichAge AP06.

2. Follow the instructions to clip the special positive and negative clips to the battery, the red and green warning lights will flash when the connection is correct; if the red light is on and an alarm sound is emitted, please check the clip connection.

3. After successful connection, please enter the car for ignition operation

4. After the car starts successfully, please remove the AP06 within 30 seconds.


Small innovation can also create big value, making users happy has always been the core value of RichAge, hope RichAge AP06 Portable Car Jump Starter can help you.