Car ignition failure is really annoying, there is a variety of car jump starter tire inflator on the market make people feel complicated, car owners might waste a lot of time learning and not always getting the right starter for their car, many car owners who are interested in buying want to find a detailed consumer report as a buying guide, this article will give you readers a suggestion around RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator.

Rich Age AP06 car jump starter tire inflator

What type of car jump starter tire inflator is more suitable?

Before car jump starters were created, car owners usually prepared a backup car battery to solve the ignition failure caused by car battery failure, but car batteries are large and have high energy density, which is a dangerous thing to keep in the car for a long time. The car jump starter is equivalent to a small car battery backup, so when car owners buy a car jump starter, they must consider its portability and performance, which can effectively save space in the car and can also provide safety.

How does the RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator performs?

The environmental adaptability of the AP06 car jump starter tire inflator is an important performance parameter. In some high latitude areas in winter, the low temperature makes the car battery indirectly in a state of power loss, and it is difficult to make a second ignition after the car suddenly turns off. RichAge AP06 car jump starter has a built-in 12000mAH lithium battery, which can support 10 emergency ignitions in one charge, and can keep working in -20°~60°, even in low temperature environment, AP06 can still assist car emergency ignition.

RichAge AP06 car starter is easy to operate

RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator can quickly switch between jump starting and tire inflation modes as long as it is selected according to the prompts on the LED display.There is an EC5 socket at the bottom of the side of the AP06, which can be used for emergency jump starting of the car with the included special positive and negative clips for the battery; emergency start can be divided into the following steps.

1. install the EC5 slot of the special positive and negative clips onto the bottom slot of the RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator.

2. Follow the instructions to clip the special positive and negative clips to the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles, at this time, the red and green warning lights will flash rapidly, which means the connection is correct and the emergency start can be performed normally. If the red light is on and an alarm sound is emitted, please check the clip connection.

3. After successful connection, please enter the car for ignition operation

4. After the car starts successfully, please remove the AP06 within 30 seconds.

RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator also supports pumping function and lighting

RichAge AP06 supports pumping function and LED lighting, the top native inflatable tube interface is the international common thread interface, suitable for various inflatable accessories, inflatable objects include: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketballs; RichAge AP06 has built-in air pressure sensor, with tire pressure (internal air pressure) detecting function, can automatically preset the target air pressure, one key inflatable to prevent over-pumping, under-pumping. The LED lighting at the bottom of the AP06 is also very convenient when exploring or inflating at night.


Compared with other car starters, AP06 not only has excellent performance, but also has a full range of functions. Overall, RichAge AP06 car jump starter tire inflator is still very much in line with the actual needs of use, and I hope this consumer report on car jump starter tire inflator can help you.