Emergency jump starter air inflator pump

If you are still a novice driver, it is time to prepare an emergency start power inflatable pump for your car, because the car battery is too low, battery aging, extreme temperatures and other reasons can lead to the car battery in a state of power loss, triggering the car ignition failure. With limited space inside the car, a portable car battery starter with air compressor would be the best car insurance tool, so let’s learn more about this portable and multifunctional car battery jump starter.

emergency start power inflatable pump

All in one – car battery starter

The most complete car battery jump starter on the market, can provide lighting, inflation, car ignition, charging and other functions, one multi-purpose, convenient storage, to avoid forgetting the embarrassing situation of storage points.

Take into account the daily inflation function

Emergency jump starter air inflator pump can also detect tire pressure, in the process of driving, tire pressure is unstable will lead to car driving is not smooth, and even prone to accidents, and different road demand different tire pressure standards, if you find the car tire situation, please stop immediately to test the tire pressure.

Adaptable emergency ignition function

The above mentioned extreme temperature will lead to battery power loss, in such a case, that large backup car battery situation will not be much better than the car battery, and the portable car battery starter built-in relevant insurance device, to assist the car battery to provide stable voltage, can be in -20 ° ~ 60 ° temperature environment, to maintain normal operation.

The best car battery starter with air compressor is recommended

Always have an emergency start power inflatable pump in the car, can play the role of insurance, but the variety of brands on the market, the user is easy to fall into the “selection difficulties”, this article will introduce a portable car battery starter – RichAge AP06.

Brand: The AP06 is a car battery starter product under the RichAge. It is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, and has passed ISO9001 international quality assurance system and scientific and strict quality control system.

Configuration: The size of the AP06 emergency jump starter air inflator pump is about 156*105*45mm, with an LED display and button area on the front, lighting and built-in charging port at the bottom, with USB and Type-C charging cable, built-in 12000mah lithium battery, emergency ignition and inflation without external power supply, free from wire ties.

Performance: The AP06 supports emergency ignition and pumping function, and can work normally in the environment of -20°~60°. It can support continuous 10 ignition work and standby time of about 30 days, and users only need to maintain it on a monthly basis.


If you are still swinging between backup power and portable car battery jump starter, portable emergency start power air inflator pump will be more suitable for long time storage in the car, and the RichAge AP06 will be a good choice for you.