Since the birth of the bike ,hand pump was the only option available to cyclists who needed to inflate a tire while on a ride for hundreds years. When we step into 21 century , with the great development of the electronics products, with the birth of portable electric tire inflator which make the tire pumping faster and safer . Both bicycle air inflation options have advantages and disadvantages. So which should you carry when out for a ride? A hand pump or an electric tire inflator ? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:

Portable electric tire inflator
(RichCentury AP04)

Bicycle Hand Pump

A traditional T-shape standing bicycle pump, manual hand pumps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Most attach to a bracket mounted on your bicycle frame, while others come in a “mini” size that can fit into a seat bag or pocket.


Unlimited air: The biggest benefit of a hand pump is that it makes sure you are never stuck without an air source. As long as your arms are full of power and energy ,you can pump forever.


Slower: How long do you want to stand on the side of the trail pumping air into your bike tire?

May not reach full psi pressure: High-speed road bike tires can hold pressures up to 110 psi. Can you do that with your hand pump? Or are you stuck at 40 psi and limping home?

Doesn’t work for tubeless: In order to seat the bead of a tubeless tire, you need a strong burst of air and a fast fill. Most hand pumps will not work for tubeless bicycle setups.

Portable electric tire inflator

RichCentury AP04 portable electric tire inflator is a built-in 2*2000Mah 18650 type lithium battery inside,with a 25000RPM motor to make the air cylinder to compress the air into tire , besides it with a precised pressure detection sensor with the pumping pressure from 0 psi to 150 psi.


Smaller: the full dimension is 195*71*46mm

Smarter: preset tire pressure , automatic pumping , full pumped then stop pumping .

More convenient: only with 470 gram weight , can be easily carry out .

Faster inflation time: AP04 portable electric tire inflators will air up your tire automatically in minutes, which is much faster than a hand pump can achieve.

That is why many people prefer portable electric tire inflators for cyclist because they are lightweight and get them back into the riding quickly.

All you have to do is attach the inflator head to the valve stem, set the required tire pressure,then pump to the set pressure, about wait 5 minutes for a fully inflated bike tire.