Design and function section

The design of Rich Century portable electric air pump is far smaller than I imagined. The size of the whole machine is 19.5 * 7.1 * 4.6 cm (including the pumping tube), which looks like a power bank and is very convenient to carry.

Portable air pump

There are five buttons on the front of the portable electric air pump. The “+” and “-” buttons in the up and down direction are used to set the tire pressure. The left side is the light switch button of the LED flashlight. Long press the switch of the emergency signal light mode that can appear continuous flashing, the button on the right is the switch button of the inflation mode and the switch button of the tire pressure standard, in addition, the switch button is also for starting and stopping the inflation. It is worth mentioning that the AP04 vehicle air pump provides two air pressure standards, BAR and PSI. The conversion relationship is: 1BAR=14.5PSI. You can switch the air pressure unit by long pressing the mode switch button on the right button. In the middle is an LED digital display screen, which is used to display the current air pressure value.

Except the standard American standard air nozzle on the machine, the AP04 vehicle air pump is also equipped with three types of air nozzles and air needles, namely the French nozzle, the swimming ring air nozzle and the ball air needle,which means, in addition to inflating cars and motorcycles, it can also inflate balls, swimming rings and other equipment, it’s very convenient.

Using instructions

Take the car as an example, press and hold the start/stop button in the middle of the AP04 machine to turn it on, and switch the mode to 2.5BAR of the car mode.

Connect the air valve to the tire valve. When the sound of tire deflation is no longer heard, it means that it has been connected.

AP04 portable electric air pump supports the function of stopping when the tire pressure is full. For example, when refilling the car, the tire pressure of the air pump is 2.5BAR. Press the start button to start inflation, and when the tire pressure of the car reaches 2.5BAR , the inflation will be stopped.

Others tire or device such as 2.4BAR for motorcycles tire , 35PSI for bicycles tire, and 8PSI for balls operate the same way.

It is worth mentioning that the noise of the AP04 portable electric air pump is only 80dB within 1 meter when it starts to inflate. It is reported that this is due to the metal direct drive structure, anodized aluminum alloy cylinder, PTFE piston ring and other materials used in the AP04 vehicle portable electric air pump, which effectively reduces noise and brings a better user experience. Finally, let’s summarize, AP04 portable electric air pump has higher appearance, smaller volume, and relatively low inflation noise, compared with other similar products, it is also very convenient to store, and the preset pressure inflation stop function also has A safer and more convenient experience.