Emergency car jump starter + air pump + emergency lighting + charging treasure multi-function machine.
As early as 2008, outdoor power supply products have appeared in the European and American markets, but the mainstream technology at that time was lead-acid battery technology, so the products were bulky, but the energy storage was small and the price was quite expensive, making it difficult to popularize. However, with the gradual maturity of lithium battery technology, its cost has dropped significantly, but the energy storage density has been improved, and portability has also been enhanced. Technological change has also become a prerequisite for the category to turn over。

jump starter and portable power bank

Outdoor power supply has risen rapidly in the domestic consumer market in the past three years, and has become one of the fastest growing categories in emerging industries. This momentum is closely related to the camping fever, and camping has become a new application scenario for outdoor power supplies.

But is just one charge enough? Do not! Camping places are either deserted or far away from the city. What should I do if the tires of the car are not inflated on the way, the car will not catch fire, and there is no light at night?

jump starter and protable power bank

RichCentury emergency car jump starter air pump is the first choice for camping

1) The large battery capacity of 12000mAh, the strong power can work continuously, and there is no need to be afraid of the problem of insufficient power of the mobile phone when camping
2) LED intelligent digital display, the data is clear and clear, the tire pressure value can be detected, and the correct value of the tire pressure detection is ±2PSI. There is no need to be afraid that the tires of the car are not inflated, which will affect the driving.
3) In four simple steps, you can start the car, no need to be afraid that the car will not catch fire
4) It can also be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones, which is compatible with most of the digital devices on the market.
5) Equipped with high-brightness long-distance concentrated beam LED lights and red and blue flashing warning lights, there is no need to be afraid of no lights in the dark in the wild

So it’s the right thing to bring the RichCentury emergency car jump starter air pump with you when camping!
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