The earliest inflatable pump principle can be traced back to the 16th century, the Madburg hemisphere experiment, the use of atmospheric pressure can be inflated to another hollow object. Centuries have passed, the inflatable pump from human powered to electric powered, each step has been a huge improvement. At this stage, unless there is a major technological breakthrough, leaving little room for inflatable pump technology. Most manufacturers of inflatable pump innovation direction has been biased toward the user experience, Richcentury inflatable pump is one of the representatives.

Richcentury ap04 Portable multifunctional inflatable pump1

Product core: user experience is the best innovation

In the future for a period of time, the manufacturing capacity and the number of cars held can directly reflect the comprehensive level of a country. In the low carbon era, the trend of automobile revolution and the wave of new energy vehicles have inevitably affected everyone. In the face of the growing demand for auto parts, Huitou Technology takes “user experience” as the starting point to develop portable inflatable pumps.

“Portable”, “multi-functional”, “cost-effective”, “practical” and other conditions, are the user’s choice criteria. Users are eager to put the most practical things in the limited space of the car, then the Huitou car inflatable pump basically meets the user requirements. The overall size is similar to a bottle of beverage, with “various modes and unlimited scenes” as the main feature, covering 98% of the user’s inflation scenarios, with user experience as the core value.

Richcentury ap04 Portable multifunctional inflatable pump3

Product specifications: creative shape, compact and portable

2.1 Overall appearance: Richcentury inflatable pump is square-shaped, compact, its surface is frosted, feel good and not easy to slip, the size of about 71mm * 46mm * 215mm, the top of the pump has a native inflatable tube, the bottom has a light and built-in charging port, adaptable to USB and Type-C charging cable, built-in 2000mah lithium battery. Inflation without external power supply, get rid of the wire tied; inflatable pump on both sides is a heat dissipation hole network, taking into account the inflatable at the same time, can use airflow fast heat dissipation, lasting operation.

2.2 Features: the front of the pump has an LED display and operating disk, you can choose from four inflatable modes, the inflatable tube interface is a common international threaded interface, suitable for a variety of inflatable accessories, inflatable objects include: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, basketball; different scenarios and objects on the tire pressure (internal air pressure) requirements are also very strict, accurate adjustment of tire pressure is one of the user’s needs. Richcentury inflatable pump built-in air pressure sensor, with tire pressure (internal air pressure) test function, according to the use of the scene, you can adjust the air pressure.

2.3 Pressure measurement points: in the process of using the inflatable pump pressure measurement, it should be noted that the air pressure units used are bar and psi, which can be changed by long pressing the “mode” key. bar is applicable to motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, while psi is applicable to non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles and basketballs. 1 bar is equal to about 14 psi. Usually, the tire pressure (internal air pressure) will fluctuate within a certain range due to environmental factors such as temperature, road width, ground temperature, etc. This is a normal phenomenon, please make reasonable adjustments according to the use of the environment.

Richcentury ap04 Portable multifunctional inflatable pump12

Feelings of use: comfortable in hand, humanized functions

3.1 simple operation: Richcentury inflatable pump hands on the first feeling is: fine workmanship, a little heavier than the phone, frosted surface, feel better. Simple power-on operation, stop operating a minute after the automatic power off, as if it is a peaceful “supporting role”, the arrangement of their own clear.

3.2 Endurance test: Due to the automatic shutdown function, the main goal is to test its inflation capacity. After a series of tests yielded the following results (data from the Wisdom Investment Laboratory tested under certain circumstances).

Car tires: under the condition that the inflator pump is fully charged and the internal tire pressure of car tires is: 2.0 bar, it can complete 8 times of inflation (the internal tire pressure is raised from 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar), and the inflation time is about 4 minutes/time.
Motorcycle tires: under full charge, it can fill 14 motorcycle tires, and the inflation time is about 2 minutes/time.
Bicycle tires: under full charge, it can fill 7 bicycle tires, the inflation time is about 3.6 minutes / time
Basketball: Under a full charge, it can fill 45 No. 5 basketballs, with an inflation time of about 1 minute/time

Through the above test results, the range performance of Richcentury inflatable pump is already capable of handling daily use scenarios.

3.3 Experience: During operation, the Richcentury inflatable pump produces <=80db of noise within one meter, which is within the acceptable range compared to large inflatable devices and the short inflating time; there is a compact lighting inside the top inflatable tube connection port of the inflatable pump, which makes it easy to find the inflatable port at night without additional light source, using the lighting at the top or bottom. Inflation port can be easily found.

3.4 Functional humanity: Richcentury inflatable pump internal CNC chip, can monitor tire pressure, can achieve intelligent preset tire pressure and automatic stop, to prevent overcharging, undercharge the situation, unfamiliar with the tire pressure of the user is more friendly, no “foot pedal hand pinch”.

Richcentury ap04 Portable multifunctional inflatable pump8

Use scenarios: inflatable pump function is practical, to deal with a variety of scenarios

4.1 unexpected situation: unstable tire pressure leads to unstable car driving, for safety reasons, should quickly inflate the car tires, Richcentury inflatable pump can solve this problem, the user can stop at the side of the road, spend about four minutes to complete the inflation, save the time to find the auto repair store, but also reduce the tire pressure instability, go to the auto repair store It also reduces the risk of going to the mechanic when the tire pressure is unstable.

4.2 Road complex: The factors affecting tire pressure are extensive, including: road width, road temperature, temperature, etc. Quickly adjusting the tire pressure can be well adapted to a variety of road surfaces. Inflation pump built-in CNC chip, can quickly test tire pressure, and intelligent inflation and automatic shutdown, in the face of a variety of complex road surface, to achieve rapid response.

4.3 Night use: Richcentury inflator pump is equipped with LED lighting at the top and bottom, which can cope with various nighttime drop-off situations without additional light source, and easily finish inflating or probing at night.

4.4 Multi-use: The air hose of Richcentury inflatable pump is equipped with international common thread, combined with various inflatable accessories, daily objects such as basketball and bicycle can be used, say goodbye to foot pedal and hand pinch, quickly reach the standard air pressure, pump up for life.

Review conclusion: Richcentury inflatable pump has a certain market competitiveness

As stated at the beginning of this article, “unless there is a major technological breakthrough, the technical space left for the inflatable pump is minimal”, Richcentury technology takes user experience as the direction of the inflatable pump’s research and development, reducing the fancy design and integrating the most practical functions in a compact body. In the increasingly fierce market competition, only in the “user experience” and “product service” on the fine research, in order to occupy a seat in the market, after many aspects of evaluation, Richcentury inflatable pump in the same kind of goods, also has a fairly competitive, is one of the excellent products on the inflatable pump market.