If you are still a novice driver, it’s time to prepare an “insurance tool” for your car, because new cars also have the chance of losing power. Of course, this is not because of the quality of the car, but the new driver is not familiar enough with the performance of the car, the lack of periodic maintenance, resulting in the car battery power is too low.

“Low power”, “battery aging”, “extreme temperatures” and other reasons can lead to the car battery in a state of power loss, triggering the car ignition failure. This power loss state has no signs, even new cars can be caused by the driver’s negligence with electricity, such as long periods of time without turning off the engine, air conditioning consumes too much power ……

With limited space inside the car, a portable car battery starter with air compressor would be the best car insurance tool, so let’s learn about this portable and multifunctional car battery starter.

All in one – car battery starter

I believe that all users want to make full use of the interior space of the car, choose multi-functional portable car supplies will be the best choice. The most complete car battery starter on the market can provide lighting, inflation, car ignition, charging and other functions, which is multi-purpose and convenient to store, avoiding the embarrassing situation of forgetting the storage point.

Take into account the daily inflation function

The air compressor of the car battery starter, specifically the micro air compressor, is still quite impressive. In the process of driving, unstable tire pressure will cause the car to drive unstable and even prone to accidents. Moreover, the tire pressure standards are different for different road needs, so if you find a situation with the car tires, please stop immediately to test the tire pressure.

Most of the charging tubes of the car battery starter are equipped with international common threads, which are adapted to various inflatable ports. In addition to car tires, they can also inflate balloons, bicycle tires, basketballs and other daily objects

Adaptable emergency ignition function

The main function of the car battery starter is the focus of the user’s attention. The car ignition system fails because the car battery cannot provide a stable voltage, and the car battery starter is more like a “mini emergency power supply” that helps the car battery to provide a stable voltage.

The above mentioned extreme temperatures will lead to battery power loss, in this case, that large backup car battery situation will not be much better than the car battery, and the portable car battery starter built-in relevant insurance devices, can be in the -20 ° ~ 60 ° temperature environment, to maintain normal operation.

For users in high latitudes, where cold winter temperatures often cause their cars to take sudden “vacations”, an environmentally adaptable car battery starter can better serve the user.

car jump starter and tire inflator

Best car battery starter with air compressor recommendation

Keeping a portable car starter in your car can be an insurance policy, but with the wide variety of brands on the market, users can easily fall into the “difficulty of choosing”, so this article will introduce a portable car battery starter – Richcentury AP06.

Richcentury AP06 is a car battery starter product of Richcentury Century, which is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and has passed ISO9001 international quality assurance system and scientific and rigorous quality control system. The market covers more than 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Richcentury AP06 compact car starter starter is about the size of a palm, its surface is frosted, feel good and not easy to slip, the size is about: 156 * 105 * 45mm.

Richcentury AP06 has a LED display and button area on the front, lighting and built-in charging port at the bottom, with USB and Type-C charging cables, built-in 12000mah lithium battery, emergency ignition and inflation without external power supply, free from wire ties.

The Richcentury AP06 supports emergency ignition and inflation, and can work normally in environments from -20° to 60°. It can support 10 continuous ignitions and has a standby time of about 30 days, and users only need to perform maintenance on a monthly basis.


If you are still swinging between backup power and portable car battery starter, portable car battery starter will be more suitable for long time storage in the car, Richcentury AP06 will be a good choice for you.