Considering the limited space in the car, compared to emergency backup power, compact car jump starter is more suitable for long time storage, this car jump starter is usually called “portable car jump starter“, with small size, multi-function, easy storage and other advantages, experienced car owners will always be prepared in the car, in case of sudden power loss.

The power loss is the car battery power shortage state, “lack of maintenance”, “battery aging”, “electricity negligence” and other reasons can lead to power loss, and there is no sign, this This can cause the ignition system to malfunction, which is an unimaginable dilemma if the vehicle cannot be ignited in the countryside.

Compact car jump starter is like a small backup battery, the energy density is within the safe range, even in a violent collision will not explode, and generally comes with an inflatable function, is often referred to as a micro air compressor (inflatable pump). This portable car jump starter is very suitable for long time storage in the car.

How does a compact car jump starter work

First of all, you should understand the principle of car ignition first. Spark plug is the key car ignition part, and its working mode relies on stable voltage (>12V), while the car battery in a deficit state cannot provide stable voltage, so it causes the car to fail to ignite.

The role of compact car jump starter is “mini backup power”, helping the battery to provide stable voltage, different from general backup power: compact car jump starter is small in size, the battery capacity is about 10000mAh, users can treat it as a car rechargeable.

Compact car jump starter: safe and portable

The general backup power is like a small box, occupying a large space, and a violent collision is likely to cause an explosion, plus the unstable temperature difference in the car will cause loss to the backup power, which is not suitable for long time storage in the car, while the compact car jump starter is more suitable for various car environments.

Compact car jump starter: multi-functional, strong environmental adaptability

Extreme temperatures can cause the chemical reaction rate inside the car battery to slow down, and the battery is indirectly in a state of power loss. Car owners in high latitude areas are very distressed by winter driving, and such low temperature weather can even cause serious accidents if the car cannot be ignited in the suburbs.

Under such temperature, the state of backup power supply is not much better, while the compact car jump starter can still keep working normally under the working environment of -20°~60°, which can be the “ignition insurance” for users.

The environmental adaptability of the compact car jump starter is also reflected in the inflation function (micro air compressor), which supports automatic pressure measurement, automatic preset pressure, and one-touch inflation to adjust the appropriate tire pressure for various roads, simplifying the user’s operation and making it very friendly to users who are not familiar with tire pressure; most compact car jump starters are also equipped with LED lighting, which eliminates the need to carry an extra light source for night exploration, night inflation or ignition. Most compact car jump starters are also equipped with LED lights, so you don’t need to carry extra light source for night exploration, night inflation or ignition.

Compact Car Jump Starter With Air Compressor

Recommended Compact Car jump Starters

Keeping a compact car starter in the car can play an insurance role, but with the wide variety of brands on the market, users can easily fall into “selection difficulties”, this article will introduce a portable car battery starter –RichcenturyAP06.

Richcentury AP06 is a car battery starter product of Richcentury , which is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service, and has passed ISO9001 international quality assurance system and scientific and rigorous quality control system. The market covers more than 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Richcentury AP06 compact car starter starter is about the size of a palm, its surface is frosted, feel good and not easy to slip, the size is about: 156 * 105 * 45mm.

Richcentury AP06 has a LED display and button area on the front, lighting and built-in charging port at the bottom, with USB and Type-C charging cable, built-in 12000mah lithium battery, emergency ignition and inflation without external power supply, free from wire ties.

The Richcentury AP06 supports emergency ignition and inflation, and can work normally in environments from -20° to 60°. It can support 10 continuous ignitions and has a standby time of about 30 days, and users only need to perform maintenance on a monthly basis.


If you are still hesitating, choosing Richcentury AP06 may be a good choice. The mid-range price provides complete functions and thoughtfully solves the difficult points of users’ driving. I hope you all can enjoy driving.

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