If your car is already a certain age and the car battery is not serviced periodically, make sure you have a car jump starterbecause your car may fail to ignite without any signs.

A car jump starter is actually equivalent to a backup power source that can assist in igniting the car and will come with an inflatable function, which is often referred to as an Inflatable pumps, but a simple version, this car jump starter is not large and is a portable car item.

This article will introduce the portable car jump starter to help you better solve the car can not ignite problem.

Reasons why the car can’t be ignited

“Abnormal temperature”, “aging car battery”, “lack of maintenance” and other reasons can cause the car battery to be in a state of power loss, so that it can not maintain the normal operation of the ignition system, and There are no signs of these situations. In order to resolve these passive situations, it is also good to know the reasons why the car can’t be ignited.

Abnormal temperature. In some high latitudes, cold weather (below zero) can last for a long time during the winter, and the chemical reaction rate of the substances inside the battery can be significantly reduced, indirectly affecting the capacity of the battery, most often: the phone can freeze until it shuts down. If the user does not have the habit of periodic maintenance of the battery, or the battery has a certain age, the incidence of low-temperature weather-induced power loss will be higher than the average line.

Car battery aging. Car batteries will gradually age along with the car’s use of years, is an irreversible process. The most obvious place of battery aging is that the battery capacity decreases, but the workload of the battery remains the same, which makes the battery range weaker and unable to provide stable voltage, which is very fatal to the car ignition system.

The working principle of car ignition system is similar to the spark discharge phenomenon, which needs to boost the stable voltage to 10000V, ionize the air between the poles of the spark plug, and then use the generated pulse high voltage electricity to pierce the air between the poles of the spark plug, forming a spark to ignite the combustible mixture inside the cylinder, thus running the engine. The aging battery is obviously unable to meet the ignition demand, so the car ignition system is very dependent on stable voltage.

The working principle of car jump starter

The principle is not very complicated. A portable car jump starter is a backup power source that provides a boost to a battery with insufficient energy to produce a stable voltage to ensure the normal operation of the car’s ignition system. Users can use the portable car jump starter as a car-specific rechargeable battery, or even support cell phone charging.

How does the air compressor of the car jump starter perform?

This simple version of the Inflatable pumps is usually called “air compressor”, performance is sufficient to support daily use, the thread of the inflation pipe usually adopts international standards, the user can freely replace the nozzle according to the situation, support trucks, cars, bicycles, basketball, balloons and other daily inflation scenarios, inflation time within 60 seconds. Such inflatable performance is not as good as the large air compressors in auto repair stores, but in portability and practicality can meet the needs of most users.

How to choose the best portable car jump starter (with Inflatable pumps)

Portability. As an automotive product, the user’s first consideration should be portability, because the limited space in the car should be used effectively, a car jump starter like “invisible guard” is suitable for long time storage in the car.

Safety. In addition to portability, users also need to consider the battery capacity of the car jump starter, when the car encounters a violent collision, a large car battery may explode. If it needs to be stored in the car for a long time, users must choose a car jump starter with a capacity within the safe range.

Practicality. As the “invisible guard” – car jump starter, users will not refuse it one or two more functions, such as LED lighting, inflatable function, reverse charging (cell phone charging), etc. These practical functions are close to the actual use of the user, to users to solve different problems.

Convenience. Although the user has to choose a safe capacity car jump starter, its range still has to be taken into consideration. If the car jump starter has a long range, it can properly extend the maintenance cycle, so isn’t it a good thing to save energy?

Can you recommend a portable car jump starter?

Keeping a portable car jump starter in your car can be an insurance policy, but there are so many different brands on the market that users can easily fall into “selection difficulties”.

RichCentury AP06 is a car jump starter product of Rich Century, which is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The market covers more than 70 countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The RichCentury AP06 portable car jump starter is about the size of a palm, its surface is frosted, feels good and not easy to slip, the size is about: 156 * 105 * 45mm. AP06 has a LED display and button area on the front, the bottom has a light and built-in charging port, adapted to USB and Type-C charging cable, built-in 12000mah lithium battery, emergency ignition and inflation without external power supply, get rid of wire ties.

In terms of performance, the RichCentury AP06 supports emergency ignition and inflation, and can work normally in an environment from -20° to 60°. It can support 10 continuous ignitions and has a standby time of about 30 days, and users only need to maintain it on a monthly basis.

Finally, I hope you all can find the right portable car jump starter for you.