Air compressors are usually the “big guys” that make a roaring sound and are used by auto mechanics to inflate car tires, hence the name inflator pump. In order to solve this problem, Richcentury has combined the air pump and car jump starter into one, that is, Richcentury AP06 portable car jump starter, after industry research and user feedback.

richcentury ap06

Why choose a car jump starter with air compressor?

The air compressor in the auto store can complete an inflation cycle (from empty to full) in a few seconds. For the average user, this super-fast inflation performance is excessive, and it is only when the volume of the air compressor is appropriately reduced to take a satisfactory balance between volume and performance that the user expects an everyday inflation pump (small air compressor).

The car jump starter has been updated through continuous iterations, and the volume is similar to that of a rechargeable battery. If the car jump starter and small air compressor (inflatable pump) are integrated together, small innovations can create big value, and users who love to drive around will definitely be interested in such products.

This article will introduce you to Richcentury’s new portable car jump starter – AP06, a “driver’s companion” that integrates a small air compressor (inflator pump) and a car jump starter.

Car jump starter with air compressor

How does the AP06 portable car jump starter perform in terms of inflation?

Some users may worry about the slow inflation speed of AP06, here are some experimental data may be able to solve your doubts. AP06 portable car jump starter built-in 12000mAh lithium battery, a single charge can be filled with 12 car tires / 25 bicycle tires / 70 No. 5 basketball, a single inflation time of about 1 minute.

In the process of measuring tire pressure, please note that the air pressure unit is BAR and PSI, BAR for fuel vehicles, PSI for home inflatable objects, long press the “mode button” to switch the inflation unit. 1bar is equal to 14psi. Usually, the tire pressure (internal air pressure) will fluctuate within a certain range due to environmental factors such as temperature, road width, ground temperature, etc. This is a normal phenomenon, please make reasonable adjustments according to the usage environment.

Car jump starter with air compressor

What is the ignition performance of AP06 portable car jump starter?

In some high latitude areas, car starting failure is very common in winter, because the chemical reaction rate inside the car battery is slow due to low temperature, so the battery cannot provide energy to the car ignition system normally, resulting in car starting failure.

In addition, “battery aging”, “lack of maintenance”, “negligence with electricity” and other reasons can also lead to car failure to start, these situations do not have any warning, the car may be anytime, anywhere “Vacation”, and the car jump starter is equivalent to a small battery to assist the car ignition, experienced car owners will always have a car jump starter.

The AP06 portable car jump starter is highly adaptable to the environment and can work normally in environments from -20° to 60°. It can be started 10 times continuously on a single charge, and users only need to charge it periodically to have “car ignition insurance” continuously, and the energy-saving design will make the user experience better.

Car jump starter with air compressor

Is the AP06 portable car jump starter easy to operate?

Users can select the emergency ignition mode according to the AP06’s LED display, and the bottom of Richcentury AP06 has an EC5 socket in addition to the regular charging port and lighting, which can be used for emergency ignition of the car with the included special positive and negative clips for the battery; the emergency start can be divided into the following steps.

Installing the EC5 slot of the special positive and negative clips to the bottom slot of the Richcentury AP06 portable car jump starter.
Follow the instructions to clip the special positive and negative clips to the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles, at this time, the red and green warning lights will flash rapidly, which indicates that the connection is correct and the emergency start can be carried out normally. If the red light comes on and an alarm sound is emitted, please check the clip connection.
After successful connection, please enter the car for ignition operation, and after the car jump starts successfully, please remove the AP06 within 30 seconds.


Small innovation can create big value, making users happy has always been the core value of Richcentury, hope Richcentury AP06 portable car jump starter can help you. richcentury is a technology enterprise focusing on product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one, through the ISO9001 international quality assurance system. Scientific and rigorous quality control system, the products are certified by 3C/CE/FCC/RoHS, and the market covers more than 70 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.