The design concept of the car jump starter with air pump

car jump starter with air pump. Have you ever been troubled by a dead phone when you are out and about? I believe that most people have basically encountered this problem. So nowadays, people basically take a rechargeable battery with them when they go out to play, just in case. Nowadays, with the popularity of cars, people prefer to travel by car. So more and more people choose to use the car to charge their phones, which is more convenient and more portable than bringing a rechargeable battery.

However, have you encountered the following situations, the car idle for too long can not start? Forgot to turn off the lights when locking the car, causing the battery to run out of power? Or the weather is too cold battery capacity is not enough, the car can not start properly? I believe you will encounter more or less these unexpected situations.

Car jump starter usage report

RICH AGE launched the portable car jump starter with air pump (AP06), is born for this purpose. AP06 built-in 12000mAh lithium battery, compact body, flexible storage. Two-way output power, wider practicality. Car jump starter with air pump can also solve the problem of car battery while filling the car, and Car jump starter with air pump also has warning light function and lighting function. Car jump starter with air pump detailed data please see the following table:

Product nameJump starter and air compressor for 2022
Product ModelAP06
Product size156*105*46mm
Inflation pressure range0.2-10.3BAR/3-150PSI
Starting current250A-1000A
Charging interfaceType-C
Battery capacity12000mAh
Input parametersDC 9V 2A
Sensing accuracy+-2PSI
Red and blue double flash warning lightLED beads 2W
Motor speed30000RPM
Smaller: the full dimension is 195*71*46mm
Smarter: preset tire pressure , automatic pumping , full pumped then stop pumping .
More convenient: only with 470 gram weight , can be easily carry out .

Car jump starter with air pump (AP06) of 3 major advantages

Emergency jump starting

When the car is in a state of power loss and can’t start, you only need to use the jump starter of Car jump starter with air pump (AP06) to start the car. And it is not afraid of the cold, -20℃ to 60℃ can start the car with power off

Overcharge protection

Car jump starter with air pump (AP06) wears a polymer safer smart chip, not only high compatibility, stability, but also more durable. And the cigarette lighter adds an explosion-proof fuse to prevent excessive voltage and damage to the car battery.

Mobile power

Car jump starter with air pump (AP06) is equipped with a large capacity 12000Mah high rate lithium battery, the car can be easily jump start when there is no power, strong power can be continuously started more than ten times! Suitable for cars, trucks, pickups, off-road vehicles and many other models.

Car jump starter with air pump
The use of Car jump starter with air pump

Car jump starter with air pump (AP06) can not only jump starting your car, but also can be used a power-bank for your cell phone, and its intelligent USB output is compatible with most digital devices on the market. With Car jump starter with air pump (AP06), you don’t have to worry about your car running out of battery and your phone running out of battery when you go out. Add another layer of security for our travel!

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