12000mAh digital tire inflators battery jump combos

  • Model: AP06
  • Type: Portable car jump starter
  • Default Pressure Range: 0.2-10.3bar/3-150psi
  • Starting Voltage: 12V-16V
  • Starting Current: 250-1000A
  • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh(44.4Wh)
  • Working Temperature: charging 0℃-45℃ discharging: -10℃-45℃
  • Nozzle :American nozzle,French nozzle,Air needle
  • Working Noise: <80dB within 1m
  • Tube Length: tube length 220mm
  • Round Warning Light: red and blue flashing warning light
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • FOB Port: Shenzhen
  • Small Orders: Accepted
  • Main Export Markets: Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia, Central / South America, Middle East / Africa
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“Portable”, “versatile”, “cost effective” and “practical” are all criteria for users to choose The basic criteria for a digital tire inflators battery jump combos. The RichCentury tire inflators battery jump combos are the ideal solution for users who want to fit the most practical items into a limited space.

The RichCentury digital tire inflators battery jump combos combine mobile power, tyre inflation, emergency car start, lighting and warning lights to cope with low tyre pressure, emergency car start, digital device charging and other scenarios such as: air leaks, tyre pressure adjustment, multiple interfaces, a wide range of models and more. It is the size of a bottle of drink.

The overall size is similar to a bottle of drink, with “various modes, unlimited scenarios” as the main feature, covering 98% of the user’s use scenarios, with user experience as the core value.

digital tire inflators battery jump combos

RichCentury digital tire inflators battery jump combos

Product specification: creative shape, compact and portable

Overall appearance: The inflatable pump has a square shape and a compact body, with a frosted surface that feels good and is not slippery, measuring approximately 156*106*46mm. The built-in 12000mAh lithium battery eliminates the need for an external power supply when filling and starting the vehicle in an emergency.

Features: The front of the pump has an LED display and an operating disc, which allows you to choose from 4 modes of inflation, and the connector of the inflation tube is an international threaded connector, which is suitable for all kinds of inflation accessories. With a built-in air pressure sensor, it has a tyre pressure (internal air pressure) test function and can adjust the air pressure according to the use scenario.

Key points for pressure measurement: In the process of pressure measurement with the pump, it should be noted that the air pressure units used are bar and psi, which can be changed by pressing and holding the “mode” button. bar is used for motor vehicles such as cars and motorbikes, while psi is used for non-motorised vehicles such as bicycles and basketballs. 1 bar is approximately equal to 14 psi. Normally, tyre pressure (internal air pressure) will fluctuate within a certain range due to environmental factors such as temperature, road width, ground temperature, etc. This is normal and should be adjusted according to the environment.

digital tire inflators battery jump combos

RichCentury digital tire inflators battery jump combos

Comfortable to use and have user-friendly functions.

Easy to operate: the first feeling of the RichCentury inflatable pump is: fine workmanship, a little heavier than a mobile phone, frosted surface treatment, feel better. The simple start-up operation and the automatic power-off after one minute of stopping the operation make it seem like it is a “supporting role” that has arranged itself in a clear manner.

Continuity test: Due to the automatic switch-off function, testing its inflation capacity was the main objective. After a series of tests the following results were obtained (data from tests carried out by Wise Investment Labs under certain conditions).

  • Car tyres: with the pump fully charged and the internal tyre pressure of the car tyres at: 2.0 bar, it was able to complete 8 inflations (the internal tyre pressure was raised from 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar), with an inflation time of approximately 4 minutes/time.
  • Motorbike tyres: with a full charge, 14 motorbike tyres can be filled in approximately 2 minutes/inflation.
  • Bicycle tyres: 7 bicycle tyres on a full charge, approx. 3.6 minutes/inflation
  • Basketball: with a full charge, 45 size 5 basketballs can be filled, with an approximate inflation time of 1 minute/time

The results of the above tests show that the range of the RichCentury inflator is more than adequate for everyday use.

Experience: During operation, the RichCentury inflatable pump generates a noise level of <=80db within one metre, which is within acceptable limits compared to larger inflatable devices and with a shorter inflation time; inside the top inflatable tube connection port of the pump, there is a compact light, which makes it easy to find the inflatable port at night without the need for an additional light source, using the light at the top or bottom.

Functionality: The internal numerical control chip of the RichCentury inflator pump can monitor the tyre pressure and can achieve intelligent pre-setting of the tyre pressure and automatic stop to prevent over-filling and under-filling, which is friendly to users who are not familiar with the tyre pressure and do not need to “pedal and pinch”.

digital tire inflators battery jump combos

RichCentury digital tire inflators battery jump combos

Used in a variety of scenarios

For safety reasons, it is important to quickly inflate the tyres. The Wise Injection Pump can solve this problem by allowing the user to stop at the side of the road and spend about four minutes to complete the inflation, saving the time of looking for a garage and reducing the risk of going to a garage when the tyre pressure is unstable.

Road complexity: A wide range of factors affect tyre pressure, including: road width, road temperature, temperature, etc. Quick adjustment of tyre pressure can be well adapted to various road surfaces. The inflator pump has a built-in CNC chip, which can quickly test the tyre pressure and inflate and automatically shut off intelligently to achieve a quick response in the face of various complex road surfaces.

Night situations: The Wise Throw inflator pump is equipped with LED lighting on the top and bottom, which can cope with all kinds of nighttime drop-off situations, easily completing inflation or probing at night without the need for additional light sources.

Multi-purpose: The air hose of the RichCentury inflator pump is equipped with international universal threads, combined with various inflatable accessories, everyday objects such as basketballs and bicycles can be used, no more foot pedal and hand pinch, quickly reach the standard air pressure and inflate for life.

digital tire inflators battery jump combos

Conclusion of the RichCentury digital tire inflators battery jump combos review: the WiseTwo inflators are competitive in the market

As stated at the beginning of this article, “unless there is a major technological breakthrough, the technical space left for inflatable pumps is minimal”, RichCentury takes user experience as the R&D direction for inflatable pumps, reducing fancy designs and integrating the most practical functions in a compact body.

In the increasingly competitive market, only through sophisticated research on “user experience” and “product service” can we occupy a seat in the market. After various evaluations, the RichCentury inflatable pump has considerable competitiveness among similar products and is one of the best products in the inflatable pump market.

digital tire inflators battery jump combos

If you need to buy in small quantities (1~5pcs) you can buy on aliexpress, if you need to buy in large quantities, you are welcome to send inquiry.